really does eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch at midnight.

loved my children before she met them.

loves as much creamer and sugar in her coffee as I do.

never stopped taking photos while she was here.

had me laughing the entire time.

is a nightowl.

gets along amazingly with my husband.

really loves to eat.

is a simple girl.

scrapped with me until 330 am.

is as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes.

wears see through jammie pants.

is as honest as they come.

says that I have the best water pressure around. (no subliminel message here)

listened to my crazy itunes playlist that ranged from Al Green to Britney Spears.

listens as much as she talks.

is a gem.

spent a sh*tload at the scrapbook stores.

inspires me.

sprained her calve for the photo op shown here.
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prints on the wrong side of transparancies, and makes it work.

buys ribbon and doesn't use it.

bought me some amazing things for my birthday.

loves Yogurt covered raisins. and sourpatch kids.
{Sorry I'm gonna have to do this to you Amber, but I'm taking another one - Jude}

likes her steak medium to medium well.

got into deep celestial, religious, political conversation with Sean.

loves sweet tea.

sported cammo pants and my flamingo socks while she scrapped.

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never seemed to hear her cell phone ring.

IM's me every single day.

offered to help me with the boys baths, the dishes..everything.

made up the bed on her last day here...and it was cute. it was a mess. but cute.

had two wallets, and no purse.

worried about her hair being a gigantic frizz ball.

hates bad customer service too.

drinks Willie Nelson water.

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got in bed with the whole wren's nest on Monday morning and giggled at Maximum Exposure videos.

tried to pack bing up in her suitcase.

tried her hardest to crack Jude's tough exterior.

asked me how I get bandanas to stay on my head.

gave me a hug everynight before she went to bed.

is my female soulmate.

has the longest eyelashes i have ever seen in real life.

lives too far away.

let me and my family be ourselves, do the things that we do on a normal basis, and just be comfortable...
and apparently it was enough.

is Amber Nichole Buttercuppers Clark Garrett

its so nice to be yourself, to be 100% free...and it be enough.
Love you Amby.

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12 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

the heel click.
i was happy.
what can i say.
you do have damn good water pressure!
Jude and his excuses.
religious convo w/ sean and the 2 monks :o)
the freakin willie nelson water. LMAO.
ON the road again.
i suck at making beds.
i don't make mine unless i know company is coming!!
i miss the wrens.
that is fo' sho.

Michelle W. said...

awww... you guys are too cute! love that!

Steph said...

Shesounds amazing! So happy you had a great time!

erika said...

lovelovelove this.

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky. sounds like y'all <--- (yup, i'm from teXas) had a blast this past weekend.

i checked out the pictures on her blog. sheez....she's super talented! awesome pics. y'all are so photogenic. the perfect lil' family. seriously.

- g

Anonymous said...

i can't read it anymore
it might make me cry
you guys are just like that

Caroline said...

this post makes me happy!

missquiss said...

I love your wonderful, sweet list of awesomeness!

Marilyn said...

What an absolutely lovely tribute to your friend. You guys are lucky to have found each other.

Lu said...

how awesome. i know you two had the greatest time together...and how DO you keep those bandanas in your head?!

Anonymous said...

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julie said...

what a lovely friendship you both have.I'm lucky in that I have some fab friends who I get to be just me with and its a great feeling.
julie x