Sandler Christian Nicholson Wren AKA BING turns 2

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting<------of course this was taken by Amby Nic

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!


Monster Trucks

Shooting Basketball

Following Jude around

Strawberry Milk

White Hair


Crystal Blue Eyes

Hatred for Band-Aids

Captain Catastrophe

Huge Cut on Right Hand

Opening Doors

Everything Cars (The Movie)

Pez Dispensers


Peanut Butter

Hangs w/the Big boys



"You look JUST like your daddy"

Salad w/Ranch

Chubby, Squeezy little hands

Despises Teeth Brushing Time

Helps Momma w/Dishes

Houdini's out of carseat

Does not welcome new books

At least five new words or expressions a day

11 people took the time to say:

sarah.b said...

Gotta love the little boys! That is an awesome photo, you should frame it.

Jen said...

GOD Amber is good.
And holy CRAP he does look just like his daddy.

Oh, and for some reason, I just think the freckles on your shoulder are adorable.
I'm not sure why.
But I do.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

In my best Janice voice ---> Happy Birthday Sandla Bing!

viv said...

happy bday Bing!

Michelle W. said...

happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

happy day
he is just gorgeous!!

Caroline said...

happy b-day bing!!

Missy said...

happy bday to your captain catastrophe from mine ;)

Christy said...

Awww, Happiest of Birthdays little Bing!!! LOVE that sweet pix... he is just gorgeous! And Amber... those are some mad photos skillz you got there girlie - WOWSA!
Hugs chickie!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday cutey Bing!!!

Ruth said...

Cute, cute little fella. Love the list about him. A lo already there really lol. Loved reading your list about your lovely friend Amber, very cool, I want an Amber too :-)