So i have a VALID excuse for not having blogged this week.
On Monday...I wrote this huge entry..and then *POOF* it was gone.
I was so angry....
So i am going to try again.
I had to share the picture of Julian's birthday cake/cupcakes from his party last weekend.
They were SUCH a hit...my Aunt Susie owns the busiest bakery in town, and I had a vision...
and she totally executed it way beyond my expectations.
The party was awesome...

It was the first time ever, that I didn't have the part AT my house.
So it took a huge amount of stress off of me.
Julian got a TON of toys...and had a TON of guests.
It really came along rather nicely.

So what have I been up to?

Drinking mint chocolate chip creamer in my coffee.

Writing in my journal every single day so that I don't forget a single thing!

Attending a "Core Secrets" workout class at my gym.

Reading THIS immensely helpful book.

Creating playlists for Julian's Ipod...(he got my retired mini)

Daydreaming about this big huge scrappy event i get to attend in 15 days...

Consuming way too many Pina Coladas....YUM. I think I shall make one right now.

  1. Wondering what the big deal about Starbucks is....I
    MUST be ordering the wrong thing...I picked up a "How to order in Starbucks
    booklet" while I was in there the other day.

  2. Listening to Fergie's
    FERGALICIOUS. LOVE it dude. ITs like oldschool JJ Fad... Remember that song
    Supersonic??? ITs sooooooooo like that.

16 people took the time to say:

Missy said...

I just said this today.

sarahbe said...

Fergalicious is hilarious!!! You have been quite the busy bee. I LOVE that cupcake cake, so cute!!!
Dude, you totally have to try a bunch of different things at Starbucks to really find the things you love, or at least I did.

Tanya said...

The party was the BOMB! The cupcakes were scrumdiddlyumpcious.

Can't wait to scrap with ya at the EVENT!

Amber said...

although i wish you would post more, i will take what i can get.

that cake is cake-a-licious....yes it is. i bet jude dude loved it.

i tried the mint chocolate chip and it made my tummy hurt. i think it might have something to do with drinking about 5 cups of it last saturday night when friends came to visit.

i'm jealous of your journal writing. it's been easier for me to blog here lately. but i must buy a new journal for 07 and really MAKE myself do it.

so proud of you rockin the workouts.

you must share more about that book w/ me.

i need a new ipod so the weeman can have one. he loves himself some tunage.

i can't wait for you to get your photo taken w/ elsie. :o)

i too have a thing for pina coladas. i haven't had one in forever, but if i ever drink again...this just might be my choice.

i'm not a huge fan of starbucks as well. a little too strong for my taste. i do love me some local broadway joe's...that is good stuff and if you ever make it here you will try it...and like it.

i like anything with the ending A-LICIOUS....makes me smile.

i adore ya.
u know this.
and my reply is just way too long.
xoxoxo me

Anonymous said...

You want a soy pumpkin spice latte.
I tell the truth.

Laurie said...

great cake. very clever, he must have loved it. good momma!!

Lily said...

Loooove the cake!!! And if you want I can send you the real deal for making Pina coladas, as in REAL coconut milk from Puerto Rico, where they were invented!! I just came back and brought tons of cans...

island girl said...

that cake is freakin' awesome! ane i love Fergalicious!

genevieve said...

(imagine me making that computer- generated-i-don't-know-how-to-spell-it-with alphabet noise).
i'm doing it in my head.
now i will be cursing you all night.

Christy said...

I love Fergalicious, LOVE it! Can't help but bee-bop to it when it comes on the radio. Love Judes bowling b-day cake/cupcakes... too cute! Oh and you *must* try SB Pumpkin Spice Latte... it's to die for! :)

kellymccaleb said...

you make me laugh!

Kristi said...

that bowling ball cake is sooo cool! you are the best mom eva!

Anonymous said...

i am so jealous
of your date with elsie flaginan
(that's how they spelled it)
i know my flannigan's
get a pic of you and her together
ok promise
and the cake rocks
and i love pina coladas
and i have to try the new creamer
and i have fergies album
and why haven't i listened to it
and you should really consider
moving to salt lake
even though we are pretty much
white bread over here
love you girlie

Anonymous said...

i just tagged you
see my blog for more details
love you

Caroline said...

holy crappola, that bowling cake is just too cool

and gotta love the pina coloadas. mmmmm.

linda b. said...

it's totally supersonic. =P
and i'm putting all ethan's kiddie songs on my old ipod shuffle too!
you are such a fab mom for making those cakes.