I call this the MAR-hawk

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glo-girl said...

What big beautiful eyes!!!!!!

she is geting sooo big!!


Jamie said...

I used to do the best mohawk on my neice, it's SO cute!!

kellymccaleb said...

:) she is beautiful!

sarah said...

SO cute!
love the Mar-hawk! :)
my goodness...she's ADORABLE!

Tammy said...

LOL!!! Such a cutie....oddly enough it reminds me of my baby picture...only a few years ago ;-)

linda b. said...

ohh how cute!
maddox better watch out heh.

Caroline said...

she is SO cute!

Vicky aka KayasMama said...

i call it Damn Cute!

vivian said...

SO sweet!

erika said...

HA! I cannot WAIT to show Coley! :)
she is ADORABLE!

Crystal said...

Very very cute! My baby Zoe had a mohawk. now just the top has grown out and it is kinda giving out the Elvis vibe!
Thought you would love these, they are super cute!
Have you seen the MAMBI martini rhinestone icons? They are perfect for your Mar-tini pages!
I don't know how to post a pic, so here is a link. Just scroll down some.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, This picture is adorable. This child is absaloutly precious! I can't get over her sitting up in that tiny little chair tonight. She was even more cute when she fell asleep! She is such a good baby.~Chelsea