Christmas Tidbits

Christmas 2006*

First time to host Christmas Day Dinner. It really was fun, stressful, AND beautiful.
Pina Coladas were served...we sang The Twelve Days of Christmas at the top of our lungs...the kids colored on kraft paper that was taped to the table tops and watched High School Musical.
I took pictures of all the families...like you would at a wedding.
Everyone called that night to say what a fun time they had...I really dug that we all were able to sit around a huge table, as opposed to having to break off into little groups. Its the way it SHOULD be.

The whole Santa thing is getting scarier, and scarier as the years go by.
Its like detective work dude!
Disposing of the evidence (i.e, the wrapping paper SANTA used, the boxes the toys came in, pricetags)
I just get so freaked out that my answers to Julian's questions won't add up.
Lots involved in keeping that Santa stuff straight.
The kids got some perfect gifts.
Marley-Jane got her first pair of Converses.
Julian got his art desk complete with everything.
Sandler got a beautiful shiney tricycle.
And I even found a way to wrap and hide a gift that came a day late (from E-Bay) have it under the tree, let JUDE find it, and have answers as to why...

Went to my mom's house on Christmas Eve Eve...She said not to expect a huge festive get-together this year...but she still had everything PERFECT. We stayed up until 4am, just talking to her. Learning about her. Listening to her. Laughing with her. So much alike. The woman is the most creative person I know. I call her Martha McGuyver...Half Martha Stewart Half McGuyver. I sware she can make anything out of NOTHING.
<------------Look at her comfy cozy house!
She has an idea for everything...from easy appetizers all the way to ideas on creating a "pub" for Sean in our screened in backporch. I gave her Season One of LOST...told her to be prepared for an addiction. LOVE YOU MOM!

I'm dreading taking the tree down. My house really does LOOK and FEEL beautiful right now. I am looking forward to a new year. Things I want to change. Things I want to stay the same. I want to FOCUS. More quality less quantity of alot of things. 2007 will be a good year.

I hope you all had a PERFECT holiday...and that Santa brought you lots and lots of goodies.

11 people took the time to say:

Pound said...

you guys are such an adorable family. and marley chewing on that shoe- ack! i just want to pinch her!!!! in all her pink glory!

glo-girl said...

dude, you aren't kidding, your mom's house looks so beautiful!!
and i love the pic of your cute little family, what a nice post!

Sarah said...

LOVE your moms house-- looks so cozy and inviting! I'm totally with you on 2007 quality vs. quantity... a New Years intention of my very own. Sounds like you made a very fun, festive holiday for your family! Blessings to you and your sweet fam this New Year!!!!

tara said...

love your family shot!
glad you had a GREAT time!
love your baby girl! she is a DOLL!

Missy said...

what a cutie family!!
merry christmas :)

Ashley said...

sounds like such a lovely, perfect Christmas. :) MJ is a darling!

island girl said...

awww...sounds like an awesome holidays!! and she is too cute with her little converse!

sarahb said...

okay, um.....how cute are those little converse, to die for!!! What a great family photo!!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Love your little family pic! So cute!!!

sarah said...

you have a beautiful family! :)
your mom's house looks amazing all decorated....
and those little pink chucks for miss MJ are WAY too cute.
LOVING them!

Caroline said...

looks like a funnn christmas!! :)