A totally unplanned trip to the beach...

Julian's life long dream ( a whopping 6 year dream) came true this week when we went to visit my Mom in Lake Charles, LA. He has ALWAYS wanted to go to the beach...build sandcastles...skip rocks...feed the seagulls...he did all of that and THEN some.

Bits and Pieces of the trip...
A sandcastle contest
Sean throwing up Chicken McNuggets, Cheeseburgers, and Fries to the birds.
It totally became a game...like each bite they caught in the air was a point.
My mom's tiny but COZY little camper trailer. (Totally intrigued me...made me want to live an RV life for a year)
Letting Jude sit in my lap and drive around the park.
Sean's annoying voiced hand puppet he drew on his hand with Sharpies.
Sean imitating my stepfather.
Chili-> Which was a direct result of Sean refusing to kiss me when it turned 2007. He hates chili. JERK. :o)
25$ buffet
Sean's speeding ticket on the way back.
Thank God for Car DVD players (Over the Hedge, Spiderman 2, Candyland & High School Musical)
Julian repeatedly SPANKING his parents inConnect 4. He went from having never played it to being some sort of child prodigy.
Watching LOST and the Davinci Code (only took 4 times WITH closed caption on to understand it fully)
Finishing Running with Scissors in ONE day.
Seeing actual Hurricane Katrina damage.
Delicious Fresh pineapple from said $25 buffet
Steamboat Bill's Crawfish Etouffe
My mom singing this insanely contagious lullaby she made up - BUZZABEE.

Working on a really cool album...so excited about it.
Jude's doing his homework..he starts art lessons tomorrow.
Tomorrow is mine and Sean's volunteer day at the school.
Bing is watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (nice break from Scooby Doo 1 & 2 12x a day!)
mJ is in her bumbo in awe with her feet and toes flashing me those delicious dimples.
Amelie is the best movie in the whole wide world. Definitely my #1 of all time thus far.
My girl Tanya Bananya got me a CABOODLE for christmas! FLASHBACK.
Needing a getaway with my husband.
Amaretto creamer in my coffee.
Actually scrapbooking.
Bing got a hair trim today.
Still wanting my nose pierced (ITS TRUE MOM)
Laughing at old journal entries.


11 people took the time to say:

Missy said...

oooh I do love this entry.
full of goodness.

Jen said...

that first pic is PRICELESS.
They are all good...but that one...WOWOWOWOWOW.
So glad you had a fabulous weekend.
Also, I would really like my nose pierced as well.
I've been thinking about it a lot.

Breanne said...

that first picture just rocks my freaking socks off.

mad <3 for the beach. so glad you had a good time!

Pound said...

that first pic- dang that's high!
and a caboodle?! haha! i had one!
great trip.

Jamie K said...

love that first picture. that sunset in the background is just perfect.

gotta go make dinner now. ugh.

gabbyfek said...

so love every bit of this, sweetness.

tara said...

love that photo of s putting child up in the air. so so coOL! want to see more photos!!!!!!!!!!
glad you had that trip! so fuN! dying to see some pages from you toO!

Amber said...

i wub you.
so much.

Sarah said...

amelie is the best ever.

and was Sean throwing up food to the sea gulls!!! I had a totally different mental picture at first!!!

I loved this entry.

Sarah said...

AND I could just look at MJ forever. She is so delightful, and I am just aching to give her some squeezes!!!

Anonymous said...

this is why i like you