Fa La La La La La La La La (accurate amount of La's)

Its getting close!!
Other than the fact that I had my sunshades on and a scarf w/a SHORT sleeved shirt on...it really feels like Christmas.
This will be the first year that Sean and I host the big ole family Christmas dinner, and all I can think about is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

I'm totally up for it..
Here is that gingerbread house!
Bing keeps stealing candies and eating them, and I'm like "Bing you don't eat it!!" and he looks at me like "What the Hell?! You don't Eat it?! That makes NO SENSE."
Going to my mom's tomorrow night for our Christmas Eve Eve hangout.
Some wine, cards, gifts, and fried turkey.
You know us freaking southerners will fry anything.
Remember that part in Sweet Home Alabama where Candice Bergin tells Reese's Mom..."Why don't you go to your kitchen and FRY something"?
Anyway..I took entirely too long writing all that out.

Amberskolnick loving going on right here. Homemade...another undeserving piece of mail love. Not to mention some sweet, and thoughtful Christmas cards from my girls Tanya, KeRRy, Erika, and Erica.
Pumpkin Ooey Gooey cake is on the menu for Christmas day, courtesy of my Grandma Paula Deen. Loving Regina Spektor. Scrapping some! LOVING my new room. I feel like a DORK saying studio, so I won't. HEE HEE. I finally took the plunge and got MJ's ears pierced. Sean and I have wanted to do it for awhile, and we were both to chicken to do it. I went w/my sister-in-law..made HER hold Marley, videotaped it, crying and shaking the whole time. But she was a champ. Cried yes. Over it quickly. I surprised Sean, and he LOVES it.
Love Gwen Stefani's new album. Disgusted w/Britney's shenanigans lately. Needing to catch up on LOST. Eating too many Mint Hershey kisses. Excited about setting up Santa's Goodies. Needing to get my roots done. hugs and MINT kisses, A

6 people took the time to say:

glo-girl said...

okay i am with bong.

you can't eat it?!

that's just *wrong*. ;)

and the little miss looks so CUTE!! love the diamonds, babe!!

island girl said...

oh my..her little earrings are freakin' adorable! she looks just like you Ash! Gorgeous!

Breanne said...

cute cute piercing.

and yes, gingerbread houses are MADE to be eaten. As pretty as they look ;)

Amber said...

tini and bing could be damn twins.
she is just adorable.
love the ears.
so glad you had a great xmas love.
i wish we could have celebrated together.
miss you much.

Anonymous said...

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Kelly said...

i had that exact same gingerbread house :)
and we happened to have some runts laying around to add on there too.
i won't go into details about where my boyfriend wanted to put the banana on his gingerbread man ;)