Happy Things

Its 12:45 at night, and I'm up watching Christmas movies and wrapping presents.
So excited about Christmas morning.
Got some amazing things for the child-WREN for Christmas.
Julian's presents have an ART theme, while Sandler's has a superhero theme.
Marley-Jane Valentine got lots of Rock-Star things since she WILL be the next Gwen Stefani.
Totally picked up some of that rad Old Navy robot paper to rock on Christmas morning. Thanks Blogworld!
<--------Look at her SWEET cupcake shirt.
You know when you go to the mailbox and you get something totally unexpected and undeserving?
Yeah...look at this hookup from THE erica hernandez.
She MADE that hat for MJ.
Its perfect.
And lovely.
And the new "look book" that she stars in his sugar to my soul.
i love it soo soo much.
Thanks E. I will get you back when FS2 comes out.
You made my week babykins. Totally makes up for never emailing me.

Do these crayola markers not make my heart smile?
I am all about diversity, and jude is all about art.
He always colors his people brown. Like him.
With these he can have the perfect shade.
I saw these on the internet when I was looking at Crayola.com for things to go along with his new art desk, and was lucky enough to find them here in my town. Such a cool, neat thing.
Crayola is so innovative. Multicultural markers. Sweet.
I also got him some "non-roll" crayons for school.
They are flat on one side!

Speaking of diversity...I've been wanting to get this book for a LONG time now, ever since I saw a page Cathy Blackstone did on it. I just wrapped it, and placed it under the tree for Julian. I put a really personal note on the inside for Julian. Its a beautiful book. Love it.

Ok...gots to finish wrapping.
Write soon.


14 people took the time to say:

Anonymous said...

Christmas must be so fun in your house.
Maybe it's nostalgia but when I read this I thought "what a great mom!"

Missy said...

you know what I think I love most?
That your gifts have so much THOUGHT put into them.
You are such a good mama :)

Anonymous said...

Love your banner- I want one. happy christmas form Bonny Scotland.

tara said...

i love those markers!
i have to get some for savannah and ava! most of their friends are either indian, mexican or african american....so cool of a find!!!
love that book! it will give him a great message...
you are such an awesome mom!
and i LOVe that hat erica sent you! wow! talented girlie she is!

gabbyfek said...

exactly what missy said.
so much heart.
so much soul.
so much LOVE.
just like you.

Amber said...

i know i love ya.
posts like this remind me
and long ass phone convos. :o)

Jen said...

look at that girl. Could she be any cuter????
and I thihrd that you must bne one FANTASTIC momma. I know this.
Merry Xmas!

Anonymous said...

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genevieve said...

MUST get those multicultural markers for J. thanks for the 'minder! and i used to L-O-V-E that book when i was littler. thanks 'gain for the 'minder! you do give well.xog

tara said...

those markers.

must have.

island girl said...

oh i love this entire post! you've really made each kiddos gift so freakin' special and personal to them...

i love the multicultural markers...who would have thought!

Anonymous said...

good god, we need those markers. that "peach" skin color is so not a human skin color. neither are "skin colored" band-aids. and we are pretty brown here at my house. well, the boys are. they just call me white. har har.
your girly is getting so cute. and that hat- adorable!

Anonymous said...

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