A bit jealous

I make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever. (crustless and in clever shapes)
We bake cookies constantly.
I do his laundry.
I rub his back to sleep.
When go on trips I pack him books and a fresh notebook w/a baggie of crayons.
I read him a story every night.
I help him do his homeowork.
I make sure to tell him when its pizza day in the cafeteria.
I let him watch High School Musical OVER and OVER and OVER.
I update his iPod everytime I notice that he has a new favorite song.
I clean his room.
I always make sure I bring him something if we go to a restaraunt while he's at school.
I always buy him little surprises here and there.
I talk daddy into letting him do LOTS of things that Daddy typically wouldn't.
I let him scrapbook with me.
I let him listen to some of the same songs OVER and OVER and OVER.
I cook his meals.
I make sure we always have his favorites at home. (Fruit Punch Juicy Juice, Bubblegum Toothpaste, and Oranges)
I give him lots of squeezes and kisses and hugs and lovin.
I feed and fuel his passions.
I let him skateboard, scooter, and ride in his Gravedigger until nightime.
I make his bed.
I take him to birthday parties, and let him pick out the gift.
I let his cousins come over and get chaotic with him.
I find major scores for him at the thrift store...(The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein for 1.00!!!)
I take him to basketball practice and art class.
He still thinks his Dad is cooler.
I must admit, I'm a bit jealous.
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*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

hey missy, not sure if you're being serious or more tongue-in-cheek, but that's how it is around here too. it gets me down somedays, and others it doesn't bother me as much. my boys have even said outloud that they like dad better. :( i think they still love me though. and that's what gets me through those rough days. hugs!

tara said...

thankfully my girls think i am coolest. no worries, you still have mj LOL! you sound like me as a mom though, you just try so hard to do everything you can think of for them and guess what? someday he will thank you for it big time. he is such a sweet sweet boY though! he has a great lil heart in him.!

Jamie said...

No worries my friend, he'll ALWAYS love his momma more than pie.
How could he not after all?

Heather said...

i am so with you on this one too. yesterday my beloved 3 year old son said to me for no apparent reason "I love daddy best." wait a minute, i have always been his #1. he used to tell me i was his best friend all the time. sigh. it made me sad for longer than it should have.
aren't childrens affections supposed to go in cycles? maybe he will come back to you. here's hopin'.
i will try to get those coke points out to you in the next couple days.


Pound said...

yep, that's us moms. ethan still thinks i'm a goddess, but that's cuz he's still little. it's gonna be all about how dad's so fun and cool later. you're not alone =P

Rachel G said...

Please be my mommy Ashley Wren! ;)

genevieve said...

i know. i SO know.

erika said...

HA! I know...it is SO unfair.
heehee...i'm calling you today.

Missy said...

we're still in the stage where it's "mommy, mommy, mommy" all the time. I'm sure I'll miss it when my cool factor fades.

Christy said...

Hey there girlie! How are ya? This entry sounds SO familiar... not fair, is it? lol! You're not alone. :)

Sarah said...

oh I get that.
and yet there's a seed of gladness there, right? Lurking underneath the jealousy that's only shallow and mostly related to fatigue from all the work you do.
sorry.kind of a book there. I feel you, dog.