That's MRS. Mancini to you...

It all dates back to when I was five or six and I would set my stuffed animals at turned over cardboard boxes and play up atschool. I was Mrs. Mancini (because I was somewhat obsessed with Cindy Mancini in Can't Buy Me Love) I would get my dad to photocopy their homework
sheets that I had made up, and then I would pass them out...collect them....and grade them.

I even had my own "Teacher's
Attendance Book" from the local School Supply store. In it I would
create our daily schedule, keep note of their grades, and attendance.

I have always wanted to teach. Always. I even went into the military at 17 years old, JUST to get all the college benefits.
So fast forward 20 years from the stuffed animals and four years from the military...I am not done with school.
Sean and I are volunteers at Julian's school.
Its an amazing school.
Each school in our town has an emphasis.
One school is Math and Science, one is Earth and Environment, one is Technology and Business, and Julian's is Art, Drama, and Music...PERFECT for him huh?
Every Wednesday we volunteer, and help out in the classroom.
Sean goes from 730-1045...then we all eat lunch together (bing and MJ too!) and then I stay from 1130-315.
We get to help out IN the classroom, even teach a little, read stories, help the kids with their work.
We have formed relationships with all of his classmates.
Its such an enriching experience.
But when I am in that classroom, there is a fire ignited in my bones...I am SUPPOSED to be doing that.
I am supposed to have a pencil cup filled with little red pens, and a little Apple namplate that says Mrs. Wren.
I would have the neatest and most creative and educational books to read to them.
I would wear striped leggings and converses.
I would wear all the cheesy little jewelrey that they bought me.
Its what I am supposed to do.
Sean has always had a big question mark in his soul about what it is in this life he is supposed to be doing.
He instantly thinks chef/entertainer...but realizes that is more towards a hobby than a career.
He feels something with those kids. He is AMAZING at it.

So amazing that...
I took Julian to his classmate Skylar's pool party on Saturday...
Julian's best friend Amber says...Hey Miss Ashley! and she is all looking behind me...and she says...I thought Mr. Sean was bringing Julian....
Ouch! Sorry sweets Mr. Sean "Jude's cool guardian" is at work.

We are going to make an appointment this week about getting a class plan laid out for both of us.
We are still crossing off things on the "to-do" list in order to be able to move.
Definitely want to be a teacher in Indy as opposed to here...

Finished that album I was talking about last week...SO FUN!

Took Jude rollerskating yesterday...he pretty much taught himself how. At first he wouldn't let go of me...and then he didn't want to have anything to do with me.

Sean is obessing over the new iPhone...its AMAZING! Have you all seen it? WOW!

Oh yeah...sean has totally collected enough coke points to get a 52" tv...thanks to you all and the recycling center here in town, all he has to do is wait for it to come back in stock. They extended the promotion until NEXT december...so that is awesome. I will keep you updated.

and here is a blurry picture of MJ just cuz she's schweet.

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tara said...

love that baby girls dimples! she is so sweet! and beautifuL!
i help out at savannah and ava's classrooms on wed. too and i LOVe getting to know all of the students. it's awesome!!!!! way to go that you guys are doing that! i hope you teach one day!!!!!!!

Alison said...

That's awesome.
It must be amazing to feel that.
Fingers crossedç

sarah said...

oh, those dimples!
so adorable...

judes school sounds amazing.
and what an awesome feeling to know exactly what you want to do. go for it...you'd be amazing at it.

Amber said...

you guys are the best.
you both should be teaching.
i could totally see it.
and it better be in indy.
for real.
i love you guys.
and martini is the sweeeetest.

Pound said...

oh snap, check out those dimples!
good luck on the teaching. i sucked at it. you will be good.

Karalynn Tyler said...

Found your blog through 2peas... Had to respond to this post because your playing teacher story was absolutely ME when I was little. There was nothing else I ever wanted to be. Now I teach 8th grade social studies at an Arts specialty (public) school that sounds a bit similar to the one Jude attends (only it's a middle school). I absolutely couldn't imagine not having my classroom and those students. Good luck to you and Sean. One tip as a teacher- find out the requirements you need to be licensed to teach in the state where you want to live. Each state is very different and some require very specific courses. If you guys plan on moving and ultimately teaching elsewhere, definitely find out what you'll need to do to be licensed in that state. You can usually find that stuff out by contacting the state's department of education. Again, good luck! It's a fabulous job.

glo-girl said...

i would have LOVED for you to be my babies' teacher when they were younger!! or heck, even now!!

i am sure the emphasis would have been placed on all the right areas, & i am sure they would have adored you!!

hope your dream comes to fruition- the world needs teachers like you guys!!

Anonymous said...

oh yay
you guys rock
i wish you were my teacher

Anonymous said...


I LOVED Cindy Mancini in CAN'T BUY ME LOVE , too! How about McDreamy way back then! I found your blog through Amber Clark. I have about 35 coke lables for Sean. Pass on your address and I will send them...unless I am too late. I think you said they were extending it until next year?!
Love your blog and your sweet family!
Suzy Adams