I love The Office. And Jim.

I am getting settled in...I still don't have MY computer set up yet...so I will play catch up with pictures when I do...
but I want to talk about the tv show "The Office".
Dear god.
I always knew it would be "my" type of show...the overwhelmingly DRY humor...the fact that it takes place in an OFFICE which is so very familiar to me...
the documentary style in which its shot.
the way the charachters look at the camera.
the way the cameraman almost has his OWN personality. but dear god.
Sean bought me Season One (which was only 6 episodes...) and after that..I immediately went and got season two and watched it until I absolutely HAD to go to sleep.
I am in love with Jim.
Like...oh my god.
It so reminds me of how Sean loved me in highschool...and its like realizing how blind I was to not see it.
I cried my eyes out during "Casino Night" when Jim just blurted out "I'm in love with you..."
I know that Season Three is almost over..and i have SO much more to see...lots of catching up to do..but I just seriously am in love with this show. And it is absolutely KILLING me to have to wait for this season to start rerunning so that I can watch it.
I went on iTunes...to see what episode is the latest, and to see how many more are left for the season...yeah DON'T do that.
It could totally BLOW the cover of EVERYTHING. Had no idea JUST how much an episode title could blow it for you.
I will seriously cry rivers when that show goes off the air.
I NEVER get to watch TV.
For the last four months we didn't have cable. We wanted to be without it. And before that it was Nick Jr, and Disney...so I never really had "a" show...
Loved Project Runway...and a little Oprah every now and then...
but this show...
I'm in love.
Jim is beautiful.
Dwight makes me pee my pants.
I totally see why Steve Carell won a Golden Globe for it...
Pam is so ordinary she is sweet.
I could SERIOUSLY go on an on.
Sean and I love it so very much.
I don't care how big of a dork I sound right now.
Its true.

ETA: I sooooooooo remember the original UK version. I was stationed in England at the time it came on, and I remember laughing my a*s off...thats soooooooo weird. It JUST hit me, that i loved it then too. I must watch those too!

yours truly,
Ashley Nichole Wren Halpert

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micayla said...

I have never seen the US run of the office, but im sure its a take on the Ricky Gervais one we had over here a while back and i loved that one. Gonna have to youtube it to see if i can find the first episode.
Hope you are settling in girly and are able to create soon as i love seeing your work!!

Pound said...

welcome to my world.... muahahahahaha.

Jen said...

I KNEW I liked you.
I too could write long posts about this show, I think it is the best show that has EVER been on tv. And you may be in love with Jim, but I am in love with Dwight K. Schrute.
Oh yes.
I also hate that one skank and would like her to get hit by a bus so that Jim and Pam may finally be reunited.
Tonight baby.

Jennifer Jockisch-Schrute

Jamie said...

Seriously OMG do I feel you.
I absolutely LOOOOOOVE this show.
And my roommates hate it, what's WRONG with them?!?!
I too am so so so in love with Jim.
I'll email you a couple of really awesome pics of him. ;)
This is seriously the best written comedy on tv.
You need to catch up, so much funniness to be had....

Vicky aka KayasMama said...

I havent seen the US version, but the british one is the funniest show i have ever seen

gabbyfek said...

and tonight's?
yeah. just laughing already thinking about it.
but i'm gonna let jen have dwight.

emilyruth said...

oh yes!
i am right there with you...
last week my husband said
'is it totally pitiful that we look forward to one half hour every week?'
us pitiful?

i'm excited for you to see this season
it's so great...
& i too fall more in love with jim every episode

great taste, lady!

Becky R.T. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! the Office.

We watch it every Thursday. It's the only show my husband and 12 year old watch. Together. (sure I watch Grey's too, but the Office is by far my favorite)
I love Jim too. And Dwight...and the rest of them.

Christy said...

Guess I'm the only one who hasn't heard/seen this... need to jump on the wagon here, lol! Looks like a good one! What day/time is it on?

Caroline said...

so i've been told i should watch that. lol.

shannon said...

I go to the website to get a fix once in a while. Dwight's blog. Oh my gosh. Love that show.

Kelly said...

i want to marry jim halpert.
you'll have to fight me for him.