A nice warm mug of Cocoa Daisy

Cocoa Daisy lovin' for the month.

So glad I can be part of something so fun and inspirational.

And the utterly poetic, and beautiful Ashley Calder is the guest designer.

Love her. and have for a LONG time, so cool to call her friend.

When I got all of my goodies for the month...all the flowers and patterns...I immediately decided that I wanted to do "the girls in my life" theme...

So I scrapped my mother in law, my baby sister, both of my sister in laws, and of course Marley Jane!

They all mean so much to me..they all have their own crazy attributes....and we aren't perfect..and relationships aren't perfect. But I still love them for who they are, and I'm so very glad that the feeling is mutual.


19 people took the time to say:

Michelle B said...

SO cool! All of them!

Jamie said...

OMG I absolutely adore all of these pages.
The women in your life?
What a fabulous idea!!!
I need to do this.
You rock.
Hope you got moved ok my dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Ashley!!! I love that layout w/ your lil girl - too cute. Where 'o where did you get that big 'ol olive??? Was that in the kit, too? Would love to know!

Alison said...

That's a whole lotta fabulous there

S said...

Those are beautiful! Very cool.

Amber Nichole said...

you are a freakin rock star.
that is for sure.
these are all just so ASHLEY WREN.
that is why i adore your style.
it's got you all over it.
i can't freakin WAIT to be able to scrappy together again. can't.

Kim said...

LOVED all of your LO"s this month!!

Sarah said...

The "olive u" one absolutely KILLs me. These are all adorable.

gabbyfek said...

i love that you did your own theme
and what a fabulous theme
i love it so much
your style warms my heart so much.

Pound said...

um yes! i'm so glad you're a part of the team. love all of that. that's why we lifted you. =)

Anonymous said...

if i would have known i was going to look at this
i wouldn't have needed coffee
gosh, you are lovely

Christy said...

Omg Ash... these pages are positively FABULOUS! Love each and every one of them, especially "Olive You" Too, too cute! Love the theme you chose. I totally need to do this. You rock my world with your talent! :)

Barb said...

This stuff is totally fabulous!
Cannot wait to get my March kit.

Caroline said...


Tanya said...

I'm glad to see you've overcome your "tilting"-phobia! ha

I love you and I love your work. Can't wait for our Girl's Getaway!

island girl said...

These are fabulous...and love your idea of scrappin' the women in your life! Excellent!

christina cole said...

love,love,love them all!! your pages are always so beautiful and unique!

EliseBlaha said...

loving these layouts.
all of them.
rock it.

EE said...

Love all of the layouts!!