Photo of the Day 02092007
Love seeing these little two toothbrushes side by side. My two boys. Their likes their interests.
Totally Random. Totally Jude and Bing.

Photo of the Day 02102007 & 02112007
I hate moving. I HATE IT. Its all for the cause. Eye on the prize Violet. Eye on the Prize.
Anyone know what that's from?

I am tired.
I am hungry.
The boys are watching Toy Story 2...I took a quickie break.
The TV and the computer are like the last things to be unplugged.
The next four months with the inlaws will be an adventure.
I can do this.

13 people took the time to say:

Melissa said...

its from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...Good luck with the move! That was me about a month ago, and I am still unpacking and settling!

Ryann said...

I know you can... I know you can!
I'm so proud to call you my friend. We are expecting some major snow tomorrow... just one thing you'll get used to in Indy. Snow one day, t-shirts the next!

Breanne Crawford said...

im gonna be moving this year, too. i am NOT looking forward to it. NOT. i still remember how horrible it was 6 years ago.

and a year ago when i moved bedrooms.


good luck.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

You can do it Ashley! I have faith in you!

Jamie said...

You CAN do this.
You can.
Just think of all the positive aspects.
It's all about ATTITUDE right?
(Attitude is my Ali E word of 2007, lol.)

Pound said...

you can do it! it'll be a long 4 months eh? um, just think of it as having live in babysitters? =P

Christy said...

Oooh - I know, I know... it's from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Love that movie. Moving DOES suck... in the worst way possible. HATE it. You can do it though girl... I have faith in you. :)

gabbyfek said...

oooh sweetie.
i hear you on moving.
makes me crazy crazy crazy.
but you CAN do it.

Heather said...

willy wonka the real one. they may have said it in charlie and the chocolate factory also, put the real place is willy wonka. oh and good luck with all your moving it really does suck hard.

Sarah said...

moving blugh.
but think how great it will be when you move to your dream city!!!

Anonymous said...

you can do it
even if you have to bite your tongue a million times

emilyruth said...

hey ashley
i just found your blog
& i love it
love the color
love your voice
love the picture a day
love your style...

so glad i get to be a daisy with you:)

Latharia said...

Oh, boy. Yeah. Moving does suck. I feel for you & I don't even know you. LOL. Indy, hm? I'm up in Chicago-land. Hope the recent snow doesn't drive you insane.