Our Little Nook. And Fear.

Our little "nook".
To go from a big four bedroom two-story house,
to a bedroom or two in your mother in law's house is quite an adjustment.
But it also shows you just how simple you can live...and just how much CRAP you have.

I mean we have our clothes, our computer, my scrappy stuff, our fish, a few toys...and we are making it!

We kept a few of the boys favorite books...

Sean and I made each other promise to only spend FIVE bucks on each other for Valentine's Day...so here is what I got him. A little windup robot that grills!

My homemade Valentine card from Sean that went along with a rented "The Office" Season 2 Disc 3 DVD.

In our little room we have this HUGE bulletin board that contains everything. Its quite a little happy spot for me. Its like a snapshot of our life right now. Jude's homework assignments, his book chart, drawings, important papers, reminders, pictures...
Here is a self-portrait of Jude's...also hanging in the "happy spot".

Sometimes I get frustrated here...sometimes i miss my house, and am counting the days until I am in my own home. But most of all I am grateful, and thankful that my MIL opened up here home to a silly, crazy, loud, chaotic family of five so that we can follow our heart and our dreams.

I am scared as hell to move and leave everything I have ever known. I did it at a young 17 when I went into the Air Force, but I only had to worry about myself. Not Sean-John Silver, Gingy-Bread, Bingo-Bango, and Martini Navritalova.
But leaving is what I feel that I must do. What WE feel WE must do. I will have a HUGE feeling of accomplishment. I'm scared. But excited. and ready.


3 people took the time to say:

Tanya said...

You are gonna do great! Following your dreams...what could be better than that? If anyone can make this work, you guys can. I admire and envy you a bit. I love you even more.

sarah said...

I totally admire you for moving away...and for (most importantly) following your dreams.

I know this will be an amazing journey for you all.

Sarah said...

You make me want to live in two rooms of my mother in laws house. Look how you've made it your own. Love that.