Photo of the Day 02012007

I'm going to start the photo a day thingie...today.
February 1st.
Her Fault.
Me. Scared.
Thankful for a witness who pulled over to talk w/police on my behalf.
Me. Shaken Up.
Have a headache...a little sore.
Just returning from video store w/
Nanny McPhee, Big Fish, Raising Genius, and The Night Listener.
Just returning from getting take-out.
Was taking a break from packing boxes to eat lunch.
Hard to explain unless I have some hot wheels to demonstrate.
She got a ticket.
I didn't.
I have EXCELLENT insurance...(just one plus about being a veteran)
In a rental car.
Needless to say the food was cold when i got home.
ps-totally happy and uplifting post coming soon.

12 people took the time to say:

Jamie K said...

so glad you're okay.
stupid drivers who don't know how to drive in the rain.
so glad you're okay.

Pound said...

oh man, i'm glad you're ok. accidents suck. =(

Alison said...

Oh that's awful.
Glad you're ok tho.

Jamie said...

Oh Ash, I'm so glad you were ok friend!!!
I'm glad you didn't get any tickets or anything either.
Much love!!!! :)

erika said...

oooooh angel girl.
so glad you're ok.
i'm calling you.

sarah said...

oh ash!
i'm SO glad you're okay...
accidents are so scarey!

Breanne said...


glad you're okay.

Christy said...

Omg girlie, how scary! So glad you're okay though. Hope the soreness eases and you start feeling better soon. Sending big hugs your way. xoxoxo

Amber Nichole said...

so glad u are ok.
so so glad.
love u bunches.

Ryann said...

Oh, Ashley! What an awful day. So, my slip on the ice and cracking my tailbone on the same day as some crazy woman crashing into you and making your day bad too. So sorry. We'll chat soon, I promise!

Sarah said...

poor you!!!
USAA rocks.

Caroline said...

oh no!!!
glad you're okay!