BACKGROUND NOISE <---Is that how you spell it? it looks WIERD! Wait! Now WIERD <----looks ODD!

This was for a challenge over at Cocoa to the Daisy...

Ya know all those pictures that you WANT to scrap because they tell the story but they just aren't what you consider "perfect"?
The ones where you want this nice family snapshot around the campfire and in the background is a spilled bag of marshmallows, or a sippy cup, or your little brother who NEVER wants to be in the picture, beer bottles, the batch of burnt hot dogs...you get the picture...

I want you to SCRAP IT!

The Challenge is this:
Scrap a photo that has alot going on in the background. And point THOSE things out! They can totally bring back memories.

You can:
  • Cut up your scraps & create arrows to point them out
  • You could stamp a circle around them, number them & create a number key for them
  • Enlarge the picture and write directly on it & point things out
  • or do like I did and play I SPY!!

It seriously can get your memory going...like "OH MY GOD i forgot about that!)

So appreciate that annoying background!

If you take on this challenge...link me! let me see! its all about sharing.
SEND ME SOME MORE QUESTIONS...I am working on the ones sent to me...and there is totally enough time for more.

9 people took the time to say:

Mandi said...

What is your most favorite color?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be??

tara said...

when are you coming to chicago?!

Jamie said...

Dude what a cool challenge!
I love it!
Awesome page girlie!

Sarah said...

that is such a clever, clever challenge, my dear. It is the first one in a while that makes me want to scrap NOW.

Pound said...

lol weird is weird because it doesn't follow the i before e rule. that's why yours looks strange, it's spelled wrong =P

and i love that page. the i spy is a fun idea. i'm so glad you're doing the cocoa daisy.

Alison said...

Love that idea.
Did I ask a question?
i don't know.
How about...
what's your favorite childhood memory?

Anonymous said...

i'ma gonna do this
i have heaps o' crappy photos
questions for you: how did you think your life was going to turn out? is it more different/similar to your predictions? do you like cotton candy? do you like hot dogs? does proactiv really work? does it preserve your sexy like p. diddy claims? i want to know. did you pose for all those shots with amby nichole or is she just that talented? hmmm... i want to know. am i bugging you completely and totally?

Kelly S. said...

How do you tie your headbands? and how do you get them to stay put?:)

Caroline said...

i soooo love that!