March 29, 2007

I've realized that sometimes I worry too much about writing FOR the people who read it instead of what I need to get down. So I am going to attempt to treat this more like a journal. My true intention.

Its my second day of watching my neice Kaylyn and my nephew Ben. (One more to go)
We went to the park after I got a large Sonic sweet tea.
The kids ate junk food. Doritos, Kool-Aid, and sour gummy worms. (ignored the hot dogs)

They swang. Swung. Whatever the correct past tense of swing is.
NOTHING has ever made Marley laugh and giggle like swinging. I so wish we had one here at Sean's mom's.
She has become quite the little inchworm. Crawling everywhere. So in conjunction w/saying "Momma"...she crawls to me and slaps my ankles.

Julian is on spring break.
Since Sean has to work we couldn't take a vacation so on Sunday we'll probably going to do our little ritual.
Chuck E. Cheese (the place where you get the 15434556 tickets and then get to pick between the spider ring or the tootsie roll)
then we'll go to books-a-million...maybe a museum.

Sandler is all about little figures. Power Rangers, armymen..he calls him his "dudes". I think I might have played a small part in that.
He is loving gummy bears and streaking.

Want to get my haircut. I want it short and shaggy and REALLY blonde.
Gonna get my nose pierced soon.

Watched an Inconvenient Truth last night. It gives you LOTS to think about.

I am going to do this project with the kids tomorrow. Its a puzzle picture frame. Its mainly an idea created to use the peices of puzzles that should be thrown away because pieces are missing.
But since my puzzles are packed up...I had to go buy a puzzle. (defeats the purpose i guess)

So I went to Goodwill to get one. While I was in there...I saw this game.

I have been wanting it since it came out a couple years ago. I got it for three bucks, and it had never even been played. It was like someone got it as a gift and opened it and thought "Nah...I don't want this". Major Score for me. The little figures are so freaking cute. Will Ferrell AKA Craig the Spartan cheerleader and Molly Shannon AKA Mary-Catherine Gallagher...even Mango!

Julian got Mouse Trap (remember that game?!) a couple weeks ago...and again...it had never been played...perfect condition.

My mother in law got a new stove yesterday and Home Depot left the humongo box in came in. I told the kids they should make a clubhouse out of it. They worked on it for hours! So cute. (will get pictures today) They made a mail box for the mail, cut squares out of the sides for windows, made shutters, drew stars inside on the ceiling and filled it with blankets and pillows. So cute. The mailman even put the mail in their box.

I will close with a question asked by pamela...

Q: And my question is . . . What is your biggest fear?

A: Burying one of my children. It haunts me. It makes me physically ill.


7 people took the time to say:

Jamie said...

Short hair is so fun.
You'll look so cute with a nose piercing.
I can't wait to see.
I LOVE the mini fro that Jude has going on, lol!!!
You Wren bunch are all SO cute.

Ryann said...

What, she says momma?!!! Can't believe it! Less than 2 months till I get to meet the Wren crew. YIPPEE! I LOVED making "forts" and "club houses" out of big boxes. I'm sure they had a blast!

S said...

-LOL - that game is so you!

-The kiddies are cute! Wish you had a video of their playground adventures - including MJ's giggles :)

-I wanna go to books-a-million. buying books and looking around is just fun. enjoy your weekend!!

-things i noticed in your offspring's pictures: marley's dimple, julian's HUGE smile, and sandler's perfect little mouth. They are all so healthy and sweet. they are soo lucky to be able to grow up with cool-ass parents like you and sean.

-Forts are awesome.

Thanks for sharing a little part of your world...

Sarah said...

your children,
your beautiful beautiful children,

gabbyfek said...

i love this whole post
but your last line will stick with me.... so much so.
you have a heart as big as the sky, love.

Anonymous said...

you really should consider moving to salt lake city. it would make my heart so happy. you are just one of a kind. i love the way you look at life.

Pound said...

oh man, i thought i had forgot about mango =P

and i know it's not funny (either way) but the first time i read it as "buying" one of my children. =/ which is kinda funny. i have the same fear. it's a mom's worst fear.