Parisite Hilton & Lindsay Hohan

These are from the beautiful rock star Jessie...these made me think and I think they are wonderful. I wrote all these questions into my journal, and I have been writing the answers when inspired.

What has surprised you most about motherhood?
What a multi-tasker you can become...that you can breastfeed one, help one with homework, and play a game of go-fish with one.

Or that your beautiful, amazing, angelic children can and WILL get on your nerves. I had an old boss tell me "That's why God gave us teenagers...so when its time to let go, we can"...

But mainly...that its priceless. I make a monetary sacrifice by staying at home with my children. These are the tough years for sure..things aren't as in order as I would like, I don't buy myself things as often as I would like, I don't get to snuggle with my husband as often as I would like, I'm STILL not done with college...but those days will come, and they will come FAST. Julian won't always want to sit at the table and color with me , Bing won't say "truck show momma...you sit here" as he pats the floor, Marley won't always need me to feed her...so I'm living in the here and now..the spills, and cramped nights when they end up in my bed, and the soaked bathroom rugs from splashing insanely...its all worth it. But the unconditional love that is instantaneous...is indescribable.

this is such a layered question...i could go on and on!

What is your guiltiest, guilty pleasure?
Well..that's an easy one.
Celebrity gossip. Since I was young I've loved magazines. People, US Weekly...all those.
And then it turned to celebrity blogs. I would check them constantly. Blogs were the news and gossip before it eveb hit the newsstands. They would have juicy stuff posted just 20 minutes after it happened.
And then I had Marley Jane...and I realized how incredibly useless and time-sucking it was.
I don't want Marley to read that junk. I would rather die than for her to look up to girls like Parisite Hilton or Lindsay Hohan. Seriously.
What's embarassing...and pitiful is that I could name any celebrity's baby or tell you who was dating who...but couldn't tell you how the House of Representatives works. Things that matter. So January 1st I gave up all that bullsh*t. And I have made a conscious effort to learn good things.

and, this one isn't supposed to necessarily be religious- you don't have to believe in 'God' or heaven, but I've always liked hearing it- when you get to Heaven, what will God say to you?
You worried about to much petty crap.
And I wish you would have given yourself more credit.

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Pound said...

you are the best momma.
and e gets so busted when he floods the bathroom during bathtime =P

S said...

A lot of people are too hard on themselves. Myself, included. But if you could only see yourself the way others see you, and not how you *think* they see you, then everything would be alright. I haven't seen you since 2002, and you are still the girl that I would want to be if I had to be someone else.
I used to read all that celeb gossip. TMZ and PerezHilton were my go-to's. But now, I just don't have time for that mess. SUCH a waste of time. Good for you to realize and give it up. It's fun, but then one day it just clicks that you can be just as happy without it! :) Especially when your life is full and happy :)
Oh yeah, sweet pic. "Sweet" as in Napoleon Dynamite "sweet." And speaking of, his grandmother came in this office the other day. I kid you not. It was scary how much of a twin she was to Napoleon's crabby-ass grandma.
thx for reading my words. it's an outlet. and i like knowing that you care enough to check it out.
gotta work - love ya - -

Sarah said...

oh I love love love it.

Love it.

love it.

so unbelievably encouraged right now.


Jessica F said...

my gosh, i love you.
love your 3rd answer and i am inspired by your 2nd. I'm trying to cut crap out of my life and hadn't let this one go yet. it's time.


Jessica F said...

p.s.- super super super cute picture of you!

RachelG said...

I love that last answer & I think you're awesome:)