Orange shirt...Orange plaid shorts...bag of tangerine jelly bellys, orange sippy cup of milk. This is what started it. Seeing bing all decked out in orange. Then I started to look around, and everything was so colorful and vivid today. The veggies...the magnets...the juice.

Mah-Jane...look at those little beaver teeth and 2 out of 3 dimples!
One of the "exhibits" from Jude's art show.
My kids need to go to Juicy-Juice rehab. Seriously. I buy it almost every other day. I wish they made adult sized ones. I love it too!
Fresh veggies and pineapple for tonight's shish-kebabs! YUM.
This simple red coffee mug has been the replacement for Mr. Mingo Cup.
Jude's fridge magnets to help him w/math problems.

12 people took the time to say:

Jamie said...

That's freaking CUUUUUTE!!!
I love that.
Juicy Juice rehab, bwahahaha....

S said...

Those teefers are cute! And Bumble Bing looks so...calm ;) both are precious and squeezable! I love all the pics - bright colors make me happy and I can tell that your home is a place of happiness. Thx for spending time to talk to me the other day - can we say pity party? but for real, it was rough and the things you said still ruminate in my mind, and i thank you for that. you are so very special.

Gigi said...

ok...the colors are all blurry from reading your last post...but

i LOVE all the color!! just gorgeous....& those veggies are making me hungry! looks delish!!

& 3 DIMPLES!!!! what a lucky girl w/ such a sweet smile :)

Sarah said...

gorgeous colors, but nothing more gorgeous than those kiddos!

erika said...

umm....can we come over for dinner???
Nestle makes juicy juice you know....
i will bring some.
Cuteness...i love this post.
Made me smile. xxxxxe

KB said...

I love when the simple things around us can be inspiring. Precious.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

You really do have some colors around there! Love them! And the little one is just a doll! And I love that exhibit!

Pound said...

omg juicy juice rehab! haha!

those veggies look SO good. man. my dinner sucked.

what cute kids you have. sigh...

lisa garay said...

dude, your blog just makes me so happy...
rainbow house, cute kids, and juicy juice.
seriously, what more could you want?!

gloria said...

the kids the colors, the art...
all of it.
the horseshoes especially- wow those colors POP!!


mIchelle rAmirez said...

you did rainbow brite happy with these photos.
love all the color.
makes a happy life.
love the juicy juice comment. If you find it let me know so i can start looking for the goldfish rehab for my two.

Anonymous said...

hey you are kinda really awesome. so you are going to decide to move to salt lake. ???? lol