A love story.

At 8:48 PM, shannon said...
Have you told us the story of how you and your hubby got together? I imagine it is terribly romantic. :)

They met their freshman year...5th period study hall to be exact.
She often wore a mint-green baby doll dress w/white knee highs and black maryjanes.
She had always admired Courtney Love's style...and HE always teased her about the tiny stain that was on the dress.
HE wrote her note with numbered questions for her to answer.
(HE still to this day has that note)
HE wanted to know all about her. HE found her interesting. (She felt the same)
The studyhall teacher told her to stay from him because as the class clown, HE would get her into trouble.
This was Ms. Griffin (who was never married, and would answer people with "Sure. Sure WILL NOT."
They fast became best friends.
She has always said that she knew from the very beginning that HE was her soulmate.
She didn't know how or what role he would play in her life...but she knew that HE would be a constant in it.
She started going to his house.
It was weird for her to be best friends with a boy.
The first night she came over, beef & broccoli stir fry was for dinner and asked him not to close the door to his bedroom.
His room was painted orange and purple, covered in posters and memorabilia; a shrine to his hero Charles Barkley. HE had even made the front page of the newspaper because of it.
From then on, they were inseparable.
HE made her laugh like no one else had ever made her laugh.
And she did the same for him.

The summer of '95...was by far one of the best times of her life.
Full of innocence, laughter, and friendship.
HE fell in love.
She loved him too. Never wanted to be without him. Thought the world of him.
But she wasn't IN love with him.
HE told her in her parent's bedroom. HE cried a little. HE had put it all out there. His heart and feelings were now an open book.

The following year she went to a private school.
HE missed her. HE wanted to be with her. And so...HE followed her to the private school.
They were growing up.

She dated a few guys.
One being a good friend of his.
He hated her for that.
HE would put random, subliminal messages up on his bulletin board for her to read.
HE wanted to hurt her...but it was microscopic compared to the way she had hurt him.
Her boyfriend knew that they had love for each other that was indescribable and undeniable.
So he somehow, someway put it in her mind that she shouldn't speak to him anymore.
She obeyed.
She lost lots of time in high school with him.

At 17 years old, and 5 days after she graduated she went into the military.
She learned alot about her self. Being a small town girl and getting thrown into another lifestyle so quickly. She also learned that her high school boyfriend was somewhat of an a**hole, and so she ended it.

She met and started dating someone a few months after, someone who taught her that color didn't matter. Opened her eyes to lots of things. She cared for him, they had a great time together but she didn't love him.

She became pregnant by this boy she didn't love, and two months after that she was assigned to an Air Force Base in England.
Her and the father of her child tried to make it work long distance but they both knew it wouldn't work.

So this is where her life had brought her.
In England. Pregnant. Scared. Lonely.

So being at what she considered a very low point...she knew what she had to do.

She had to call him. She needed to hear that voice. She needed him to make her laugh.

She needed him to be the band aid and help her start to heal.

He had always been her safe place. Her peace of mind.
But she had broken his heart. and he probably hated her. or worse, probably forgotten she even existed.
Lots of time had passed between them.
They hadn't spoken in a year...and hadn't seen each other in two.
Would he even talk to her? Would he just hang up the phone?
She mustered up the courage to call him.
There was a 6 hour time difference.
HE would still be at work. She had never forgotten that number.
Palms sweaty, lump in her throat..she dialed the numbers. 011441870862692...thank god the overseas prefixes were long...she needed time to compose herself.
A girl picked up the phone...she asked to speak to him.
HE answered.
"Hey! Its me."
"Why are you calling me?"
Oh dear God. Why am I calling him? WHAT DO I WANT?
"i don't know really. I'm sorry i bothered you."
"Wait! Oh my gosh...Forgive me!...i thought you were someone else. Someone that works here and just left. I'm going home in 10 minutes, I would love to talk to you...call me there OK?"
She calls him.
And they talk. and talk. and talk.
and then HE says.
"Are you ready now?
"Are you ready to be with me now?"
"I'm pregnant. and I didn't call you to pick up the pieces. I just called because I needed to smile".
HE asks her again...
"so are you ready to be with me?"...

The rest is, as they say, History.
so for a little less than 365 days they sent letters, and packages, and emails and spent countless amounts of dollars to the phone company.

She put in a leave request...packed her bags...and flew to the US.

They had never dated.
They had never kissed.
HE had never dated or been with another girl.
She had asked him why one time why that was, and HE had said "because I without a doubt, and unlike you, knew that we would be together one day. And any other girl would have been a distraction or a waste of my time".
So after not having seen each other for THREE years...she flew to the states and married him 5 days later.
HE had become the father of her child.
HE was her everything.

HE flew back to England with his new wife and his new son
HE had become her lover, her husband, her parenting partner, and had always been her very best friend.

Fast forward 6 years later.

HE still gives her butterflies.
She still makes him laugh.
She gave him two more children.
HE still tells everyone she was always the one.
HE is Sean.
She is Ashley.

and they want to live happily ever after.

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Karalynn Tyler said...

This journaling MUST be turned into a mini album or page of some sort. Awesome. What a man you have.

tanya_williams said...

Okay...I'm over here balling my eyes out even though I already KNEW the whole story! Sheesh! I love you 2 so very much!

Pam said...

OMG - what a beautiful story! I can barely see through my tears as I write this - thanks for sharing such an amazing story.

kokopuffs said...

oh my.
that is more than sweet can describe.

isn't it funny how things just seem to work out sometimes??

KB said...

I love this. And now that I look back on life, I see it so clearly. Just precious.

Sarah said...

Oh Ashley. It's so perfect. It makes me so happy and so weepy, and now I adore shawn as well as you and the mini's.

erika said...

i love this. xe

Jody said...

There is hardly anything in life better than a true 'love story'. In fact, I think the only things better than a true love story, is having that story be about you. That is beautiful. SOmetimes I wish I could flip to the last chapter of my life...but then I realize, I would be missing out on all the good stuff in between. Thanks for sharing this. You are a lucky girl. And Shawn a lucky man to have each other. God and Shawn knew you were meant to be together from day one. We women just like to mess stuff up sometimes. I like to think it's the 'artist' within us. =)

chaos_chic said...

Wow, so amazing... this made me tear up :)

Nicole said...

Sweet sweet luv and faith and trust and friendship. Lucky you's!

michelle.guray said...

what an amazing amazing love story you two have and i love how you wrote it. i'm all misty-eyed now...

Tonya said...

wow what a love story.. i enjoyed reading your story.. thanks for posting this..


S said...

I teared up...love you two.

gloria said...

powerful story.

my goosebumps have goosebumps...

i love it.

Andrea said...

Ashley that was just beautiful! You made me cry! That is a treasure love story...thank you for sharing.

lainalamb said...

this is beautiful. period.

thank you for sharing such an amazing story.

Pound said...

i knew i liked you for some reason besides you're an awesome scrapper.

the sweetest mailman ever and the sweetest headband wearing cupckae loving flamingo cup breaking girl.

LPinky said...

That is one of the loveliest things I have ever read.x

Jessica F said...

My goodness.

I love this.
love you.

Jamie said...

I am NOT joking when I say that this gave me a little lump in my throat.
You two have one of the cutest stories I've ever heard.
I absolutely love you guys and the love you have for each other.
I hope for that one day. :)

shannon m said...

You gave me goosebumps.
I KNEW it was a good story! :) So beautiful. right on.

Anonymous said...


im trying to send you an email back about schools, but I keep getting a return mail, like your email addy isn't right or something. send me another email or you can call me.


Anonymous said...

That is the best story, real life story ever.
It puts a big smile on my face.


Caroline said...

awwww :)

island girl said...

OMG...that is just the best love story ever! Holy Smack!

lisa garay said...

that was the best story ever.
...and the fact that it's yours & is true makes it even better.

if that were a movie, i would watch it over & over again.


tara pollard pakosta said...

okay, i sit her bawling like a baby too. that would be a great mini album with some little index prints along side the journaling. loVE IT!
you are amazing woman!
and so is sean!

kelli said...

wow. amazing. beautiful
you have to scrap this:)

Gigi said...

oh ash that has got to be one of the most beautiful stories i have ever heard.

there are huge honkin' tears in my eyes...i am so happy for you!!


gabbyfek said...

i've always loved this story.
and i love it even more to read it again....
you two are just the perfectest.
for each.
it just makes such perfect sense.
and i love it.

Breanne Crawford said...


that is... beautiful.

eek. tears.


Becky R.T. said...

beautiful. Congrats on finding your way back to your soulmate.

mIchelle rAmirez said...

what a story teller you are.
love how you told it and its contents.

motherkearney said...

Wow, I'm overwhelmed by your story

becky said...

i usually skim blog posts. not this one. i read every word. so beautiful ashley. so happy you two are together.

Charin said...

That is so beautiful!!! :) :) Awesome that you shared that with us :)