Gettin' my hair Did. Updated to GOT my hair did.

I am getting my hair chopped off today.
I am excited.
and an eensy bit scared.
Tired of wearing it up in a big ole mess on my head.
GOT my hair chopped off.
i think i lost three pounds.
roots have been hidden with fresh highlights.
i got side bangs for the first time ever.
and NOT much is better than that salon smell and feel.

25 people took the time to say:

Jamie said...

Yeah girl!!!
Rock it out!
You'll look great!!!
Can't wait to see the after pics....

Alison said...

I bet it'll look fab!

erika said...

oooooooh, can't wait to see!!!
miss you
i owe you a call....

gloria said...

i'm thinking about doing the same, although there is *no way* i'd do it here...

make sure you post a pic of that sassy new 'do!!

Sarah said...

good for you!!! I know you'll be brave!!!

Jessica F said...

OOOOOOHHHHH- LOVE it! So cute and fresh. I recently got mine cut to above my shoulders and once I got used to it, I loved it!

Enjoy- you look gorgeous!

shannon m said...

I bet you feel so good. It's fun getting all fresh and sassy. :)

S said...

dude...that b & w pic is hot. you got a certain look in your eyes. ahh, blonde and short just in time for summer :) that haircut will be fun to play with!!

sarah said...

oh girl you look HOT!
love that new do!
it's perfect and fun!

RachelG said...

Girl, your name was the only one I recognized over at ScrapInStyle for the design team call.

Sarah said...

It looks SO GOOD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! me and you got our hair chopped on the same day. we have to trade photos. i will post some on my blog in a couple of days. ha!! we rock!! you look awesome blossom

Missy said...

Not kidding.
Totally Hot Mama!
look out!

gloria said...

congrats on the sis DT call!! yahooo!! i love seeing your work, but you already knew that, didn'tcha??


your hair looks GREAT!! love the wispy 'do- very sassy!!

lisa garay said...

love your new "do"
you look like a star ;)

huge congrats on sistv!
it's going to be soooooo much fun!!!

have a wonderful Easter weekend!

flyingmichelle said...

huge congrats on the DT!!!
and cute hair to boot.
love it and the blue neck candy.
super stylin girl!

Amber Nichole said...

you beeeee-u-tiful.
oh no....ah!

Caroline said...

LOVE it.

tara said...

wow girl it looks GREAT. i want that haircut!

Breanne Crawford said...

you look beautiful!!! LOVE it!!

Pound said...

holy moly. you look like a different person! that hair is freaking cute. <3

sarahb said...

I jusr wanted to say that I am SUPER excited about SISTV, and so excited to be a part of this with ya!!!

Andrea said...

Hi Ashley!!! Your hair looks awesome :)

micayla said...

Girl ya hair ROCKS!!! I love it.
Congrats on SIS, I cannot wait for it to go live!!!

kokopuffs said...

you freakin' look hot!!

love the new 'do!