Mint Condish

Its midnight.
I'm eating Robin Eggs leftover from the cupcakes Ali Edwards blog forced me to make.

Listening to School of Rock on the TV.
I love went Jack Black is on the phone trying to sell his guitar and he says "Mint Condish".

What's going on with me you ask?

Trying to write in my journal OFTEN.

Broke my flamingo coffee mug.
Realizing that we are going to have to visit Indianapolis BEFORE we move there.

While I applaud our spontanaity and fearlessness...we must think rationally...and be wise in our choice.

I would love to get a "feel" of the town.

We are also looking into Chattanooga, TN...so if you know anything about that city let me know.

My mom came to visit yesterday...we ate banana splits and watched horror flicks.

When I went to the video store...the movie "You Got Served" was in the horror section...
and it wasn't misplaced to me which in turn....made me giggle.
Jude has an art show on Tuesday...he has been taking a local art class for the last 12 weeks...and they are having a gallery of his projects.

Also...THIS is insane.
I am UNBELIEVABLE stoked to be a part of the journey of this website.
Its groundbreaking to me. Exciting. Funky. Fresh. Lazy me actually tried out for something!
When they started calling the girls names out..and they named the first few I walked away.
Debbie Downer I know...but to be amongst those names...I was both surprised and grateful.
But you MUST come check this place out on May 15th...its going to be amazing. I PROMISE.
I, Ashley Nichole Wren Halpert, solemnly vow to draw a name this week for the question RAK.

Am LOVING this picture of Sandler Christian Nicholson Wren AKA BING. Makes me laugh.

18 people took the time to say:

Pound said...

1. congrats on the sis!!!

2. cuuuute pic of the s.

3. don't think i didn't notice you trying to sneak that halpert into your name!!!!! =P~~

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

What's this Halpert thing?

sarah said...

big congrats on the scrap in style gig! SO cool (and deserved!)

CUTE pic of your bing!

micayla said...

Love the pic of Bing, so cute!!!
Congrats again on the S.I.S thingy!! Roll on the 15th of May!!!

EE said...

that is the cutest darn picture!

Anonymous said...

i am keeping my eyes peeled for the sistv. and i love the photo of the bing-y and i just think you are rad.

gloria said...

*sorry 'bout the flamingo mug. :(
*totally stoked to hear/recognize your name on the sis list!!
*LOVE.ing that photo of your adorable bing...all of his chubby baby folds make me happy!!

christina cole said...

hey you!!! hope all is well in your world! haven't talked to you in awhile! and how cool you do such great stuff with cocoa daisy! and don't forget to send the layout, i totally want to see an ashley creation irl! :)

lisa garay said...

oh, i want some cupcakes, and a cool flamingo mug, and an art show would be nice, too :)


erika said...

aww...big congrats to you love.
and i'm loving that picture of bing too, because he reminds me of a little jack....xxxxxxxe

Caroline said...


Sarah said...

huge congrats on SIS!!! That looks like a very cool thingy there.

I love Chattanooga. Very artsy downtown, surrounded by beautiful hills. I don't know any people there, but I sure like to visit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ashley I read your blog all the time and don't comment. But I had to since you are asking about Chattanooga. We have lived here for 5 years after moving from Atlanta. And I would love to give you more infor if you want. My email address is:


Let me know if I can help you out!

Anam_Kihaku said...

chattenooga - my friend lives there - what do you want to know... me i'd do inniapolis - simply cos its a huge sports city and we're big sports fans :)

KB said...

I live outside Chicago over the Indiana border in a town called Crown Point. Indiana is a nice place. Similar to Arkansas. Let me know if you make it up this way.

KB said...

Okay sorry. Not THATTTT similar to AR just with the trees I mean. I don't want to scare you. But change is good. Very good.

Christy said...

Hey sweet girl...
I've missed you!
A huge CONGRATS on the SIS gig...
that is wonderful!
Love the cutie pic of Bing! :)

Kerry said...

My 11 year old quotes School of Rock daily.
Part of it was filmed at his school so he feels esp. close to Jack Black, lol.