Goodies. My Goodies...

In honor of my love for The Office...
both the products and the television show...I have put together a bunch of goodies that are office/school related.

Gold Stars.
Science Ledger Paper.
Yellow Legal Paper.
Kindegarten Manuscript Paper.
Masking Tape.
Jelly Belly's.
Junior Mints.
Clear Badge Holder's.
Alphabet Magnets.
Word Bubbles.

The strategy.
I let the boys randomly pick a page and then circle one name. Plus...i just wanted an excuse to use Julian's new double sided markers.
Winner #1 ------>SusanH.
Winner #2 ----> ANSO!!!!
This was lots of fun! I will post what the winners will receive sometime on Friday.
Gots to go pick up a bunch of goodies.
I hope you guys check out SIS if you haven't already. It is seriously amazing.
The winners are also posted HERE
Thanks for all the great music...there are some PERFECT songs suggested that I never would have known about.
Thanks for playing girls.
Big Smooches.
xo, ash

6 people took the time to say:

Christy said...

Whoooo! Congrats girlies! And Jude, I am SO diggin' your purple dinosaur... such a good little artist you are. You obviously get it from your mama. :)

*fauve* said...

Congrats girls,that dino is too cute!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

You are so damn cute! love that you love markers and fun stuff! And that dino is darling!

Breanne Crawford said...

holy COW. those goodies look like a lot of fun!!

tanya_williams said...

Tell Ju Ju that his dino ROCKS!

Jan said...

Love the purple dino. REALLY love the BIG brown eyes. FAB