Inspiration. Its Everywhere.

When I saw THIS it had me smiling from ear to ear.
It kind of made me giddy.
It absolutely made my day. (more than just one day)
I dig those girls and the website.
So go try it out!
For me? Pretty please w/a cherry on top.
There is inspiration everywhere you look. That is what is so freaking amazing about this hobby and the women I share it with. We continue to inspire each other each and everyday. Through pages, pictures, websites, words, emails, compliments.
I love it.

14 people took the time to say:

Amber Nichole said...

i just hit my damn funny bone.
i am not laughing.
but i am missing you.
call me.

Sarah said...

I'm scrapjacking YOU.
I'm very stoked about that.

Breanne Crawford said...

love that layout

and cannot wait for the time to jack you!!!

Lu said...

this is so freakin' cool.

EE said...

Love this LO...you rock!!

Caroline said...

it's truly everywhere!
i loved jacking you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Inspiration. I scrapjacked ya - profile name: S_May


gillian said...

OMG... that layout is spectacular!!! My mind could never even begin to create that... awesome!!!!!!!!!!

lisa garay said...

miss ashwey,
i tagged you...
you're IT!

Natalie said...

That layout was totally calling out to me. Loved jacking it. I love your style Miss A. Just love it!

Ann(i)e said...

i just read your "love story" and am sitting here (in Bury st. edmunds :) ) crying....that's about the sweetest, most romantic thing I have ever heard!!!

Jamie said...

I soooooooooooo need to do the jack!!!
I could lift that page all damn day. :)
Love yous.

jill said...

I almost passed out when I saw that layout. It is so good.

JenCoen said...

Seriously inspiring!!!