Chinese Takeout and a Happy Page

i made this for 2peas for National Scrapbook Day...but for some reason I couldn't figure out how to work the whole "private" album so it didn't go up, a different one did...and this one really makes me happy, so I wanted to share it. This was pre-Marley Jane.

Today is my anniversary.

6 whole years.

I am still just as in love today as I was when I got married at the Justice of the Peace and we said our "I do's" and the man adminstering it said "Ok that will be $25.00".

I didn't need a big wedding, or a beautiful princess gown, I just needed my last name to be Wren and to wear a wedding ring.

So this evening we will have a picnic in the park and eat Chinese take-out from the place that we ate after we became husband and wife.

Maybe have a little wine, and some adult conversation.

It will be perfect.

Because we will be together.

Everyone have an awesome day.

29 people took the time to say:

Jen said...

Happy anniversary sugarpie!

staceyfike said...

i love love love that page!

after we got married we got a cold sub from jersey mike's and it was perfect!

Jamie said...

Awwww, happy anniversary friend!!
I hope you and your man have an excellent night. :)
LOVE that page. :)

Jamie K said...

happy anniversary Ashley!!

mine will be coming up soon...like in a year or so... :)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

I LOVE that page! I hope it's on 2ps somewhere so I can scraplift it!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Pound said...

i love that page!!!!!!!

and your wedding actually sounds a tad more sophisticated than ours haha. happy anniversary!

kerry :: k8tykat said...

happy anniversary ash!

Falyn Cahall said...

seriously girl, I really know what you mean about the wedding thing...didn't need the whole big wedding, with frills and spills, and a big froufee gown. It was just our parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters. And I liked it that way :)

Happy Anniversary !!!!!!!!

Alison said...

Happy aniversary!
Love the scraps

Caroline said...

i'm sad that page didn't go up. because i'm absolutely in love iwth it

happy annivesary! :)

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishes for many more happy years together! Have a great one.
BTW, Love your page.

mIchelle rAmirez said...

happy day to you both!!
sounds like a swell time.
and that page...aaaahhhhhh so cool!

micayla said...

Happy anniversary Ashley!
I must say OMG..... That is the best layout I have seen in a very long time....YOU TOTALLY ROCK GIRL!!

sarah said...

happy anniversary Ash!
how you two have a great night.

Breanne Crawford said...

oh happy anniversary!!! the way you write about your love shines through and makes me all happy and smiley -- i hope i find something half that wonderful some day!!

and that page is absolutely fantastic, as always!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Love that page! I love the rainbow of colour your always use. Well, really, I just love everything about your pages.

I gave you a thinking blogger award on my blog, come and see! :)


Anonymous said...

oh my crap. i might have to copy this. you are such the coolest.

Sonia said...

That's a great layout. I love it. It's a happy page for sure. Congrats on your 6 yr anniversary. We'll be hitting our 15th this month. IME, the first 10 years are the hardest. After that, it's all downhill :)

Christy said...

Awww, Happy Anniversary, sweetie! Hope you two had a wonderful day!

And that page - WOW! You totally rocked it girl! I have to laugh cuz the same thing happened to me on NSD over there... I managed to get my layout uploaded into a private album but Anne couldn't get it to open for some reason, so she picked something else out of my gallery.

Happy Mama's Day to you! ((Hugs))

I Scrap therefore I am said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend an anniversary to me!
Petrina :)

Nancyl said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great wedding! I love JP weddings!
Can'r wait until the 15th!

Ilka said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Carolyn R.~ Northern CA said...

Happy Anniversary. Can't wait to see all your inspiration on the 15th.

Dawn said...

loved reading your love story!

Congrats on your SIS gig!
Best wishes, Dawn in Kelowna BC
(Friend of Andrea Wiebe, your fellow design team member!)

*fauve* said...

Happy Bday!

*fauve* said...

Happy Bday!

PROLIX said...

Help/Aidons Madeleine Mc Cann :

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
ze artsy english-fran├žais blog

Jan Connair said...

I'm checking out all of the sisTV blogs today. Just wanted to stop by and say congrats on making the DT. Can't wait to see the grand opening of the site tomorrow!

Carrie said...

Have a wonderful anniversary!