Lisa...tagged me to do some random posting.
I am all over that.
That's how I feel most days. Random. Scattered. Miscellaneous

1. By the time I have finished one cup of coffee, I have reheated it about 10 times. This annoys me. But I never just SIT and drink a cup...I am always on the go. And by the time I get a second and I take a sip...its cold. So i put it in the microwave...and heat it for 42 seconds...and then
forget that its in there...By the time I remember...yep you guessed it. Its cold again. Its a
vicious cycle. Which reminds me...I need to go heat it up again.

2. I was supposed to go to the Gwen Stefani concert next Saturday with Amber. I bought tickets when I realized that the concert would be the weekend that I would move to Indianapolis. Well not only am I not moving on that weekend...but we aren't even go to Indy. I KNOW there will be other concerts...and it will be OK. But it bums me out to no end. I HATE it. Anyone that knows me knows JUST how much I love her. As I have said before, Marley would be Gwen if my last name wasn't Wren. So Missy and Amber...please have a moment of silence for me while you are there ok?

3. Julian graduated from kindegarten on Thursday. I was so proud of him. He got every award you could get plus the Artistic Award. So proud of my sweet smart boy! He is so creative. HE inspires ME.

4. So Sean gets me a gift certificate to Converse (who by the way has a very trendy website that is sooooooooo sarcastic. Like the popups say things like "Hold your horses...we are still searching for your last request.") Anyway...I get this gift certificate to Converse and I go to two different thriftstores and find a pair of converses in each one. Like brand new never been worn. $2.00 a piece.

5. I love new stuff like this. There was also RETRO starburst. I put some of these in some RAK's I am sending out on Tuesday.

6. I am all about Zen. Peace. Calm. Inner Strength. Kharma. Ebb and Flow. Seriously. This book is changing my life.

7. I am going out of town this weekend. My stepfather's company has a cabin on the lake. The boys are going to go fishing...we are gonna grill...partake in a few beverages...play horseshoes...read some books...ashley no swimmy in anything with fishies...so we will go to the pool...just relax...or as Sean would say "CHILLAX".

Have an awesome, perfect, safe, and FUN three-day weekend girlies.
I tag Goofieball Tanya, Sweetie Pie Nora, and Crazy BANGed Courtney.

9 people took the time to say:

staceyfike said...

dude, you're microwave is pink??

shawnna said...

awesome deal on the

those skittles look yummy!!!

EE said...

I do the same thing with my coffee!!

Genevieve said...

happy fish-less swimmy weekend wrenstar!

RachelG said...

Is your microwave red?
I love it,want it,need it!

tanya_williams said...

I thought of YOU when I saw those Skittles in the store!

Natalie said...

YAY for Julian! I wish I had won the artistic award in kindy-garden. I definitely got rewarded the "Most Improved English" award, seeing as I was ESL back then. Don't laugh.

tara said...

oh my gosh, i do the EXACT same thing with my HUGE MUMBO JUMBO coffee mug! it's noon and i am still never finished with it! and the darn coffee gets stronger every time it's reheated!!!!! LOL! my husband just laughs at me LOL!

Christy said...

What a fabu deal on the converse... that's all Maddie wears, I swear. And I totally do the same thing with my tea. A huge CONGRATS to Julian... that's so awesome! :)