to Tennessee.
to Chattanooga.
and Knoxville.
and Nashville.

Hopefully we will like it and want to call it home.

6 people took the time to say:

Alison said...

i'm hoping too
much love

staceyfike said...

i'll second that!

erika said...

i hope you do too.
and that last post.
loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley, I hope you liked my fair city of Chattanooga. I ended up not going to Ohio for various reasons. I wish I knew we were coming, I could have shown you about! Let me know what you thought! Kristen

gabbyfek said...

i cannot wait to hear all about these places.

lisa garay said...

hey mama,
i hope you have a wonderful time...
and i'm so jealous that you get to meet jj fad.
big kiss------->muuuuuaaaahhhhh!