I love him more than anyone on this planet.

He is the most thoughtful, and loving man ever.
All my friends want to have him cloned.
He is the bestest father I have EVER seen.
(Regardless of the fact that HE had a crummy father)
I watch him when he doesn't know...and i see the love he has for our children.
He still to this day grits his teeth when he hugs them or kisses them.
We are more than just husband and wife.
We are a team.
When I am weak...he is strong.
When I am impatient with the children, he is the one that's full of patience.
Its him that gets me up every morning to workout.
Its him that helps me with laundry.
I can be so overwhelmed with life. And expectations of myself. Expectations of the world.
And when he hugs me...and puts his hand on my neck, underneath my hair...I forget what it is that I was so upset about.
He has loved me since he was 15.
He makes me HOMEMADE chicken noodle soup when I am sick.
He is gone at this very moment to take Marley Jane to get her immunizations because I can't see my children get their shots.
He came home last night with daisies, a card, workout clothes (including the most amazing sports bra I have ever tried on in my life), a new big ole coffee mug, two new pens (with refills), and creamer. All just to tell me that he thinks I'm great.
He cleans like NOONE else I have ever seen.
He gives bubble baths, brushes teeth, and changes diapers JUST as much as I do.
He never throws anything away that I might possible need for "scrap related purposes".
He chops up veggies and fruit that I need when I am cooking.
He always makes my pina coladas and puts a straw and three cherries in them.
We laugh together.
He makes the most incredible grilled cheese sandwich EVER.
Oh my god how we laugh together.
He gives me alone time when I need it, or ask for it.
We love spontaneous road trips.
We still act like we did when were 15 years old in the summer of 1995.
Like Hands over our stomachs, belly laughing.
We still find time to go on dates.
Even if its Applebee's for drinks and to talk about the future. And our dreams. And our goals.
We drive around rich neighborhoods and look at houses and talk about what we want ours to be like.
We enjoy each other's company.
He volunteers in Julian's classroom. The kids ADORE him.
We make this parenting thing fun. Even when its NOT. Like last night when Sandler threw up all over us, Marley, himself, and nice fresh clean sheets. Even in that...he makes me laugh to keep from crying.
He plays devil's advocate if I'm upset about something...and I don't know what to do.
He tries every day to be better than he was the day before.
We dance around the house and sing at the top of our lungs while our children look at each other and shake their heads.
He loves me unconditionally.
He makes me laugh when I am trying so very hard to stay pissed off.
He is proud of me.
He loves me. And I am as sure of that then anything else I have EVER known.
Our love is for real.
ps. thank you Amber Nichole Clark Garrett for capturing us. you did it so well. now come on back so i can stop using these pictures from a year ago.

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staceyfike said...

my boy makes me homemade chx soup too!! actually it's one of the things on a list of things about him i've been meaning to scrap lol!

sarah said...

i adore this post.
it makes me smile big.
and wish i had a boy as amazing as yours.


Balou said...

This is the most beautiful tribute I've ever read. You have an amazing man. You should definitely clone him for the rest of us. =)

tara said...

so amazing.
what a wonderful man
you have in your life!
you guys are adorable together! and girl, you look AMAZING in your new pis at SIS!!!!!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

we sing a lot around here too, and make up words. my boys just look at us like we're nuts, but we sorta are! lol life's too short not to sing when you have the urge, you know?

thanks for sharing this wonderful list!

Augusti_73 / Anna said...

I don't know you or your husband, but I wish I did. I just love how you write about him. All the best, /Anna

Courtney DeLaura said...

SHUT UP YOU! SHUT UP with that picture. - makes my heart just feel so full. knowing you, your love and your friendship -
k - seriously I was practically crying to Nick last night about you guys being here and us not being in town.
he was like "ohhh court, i am soooo sorry" he wants to meet you two reeeeal bad too :)


Jamie said...

OH God I have the lump. The lump in my throat. I pray to have what you have someday, you're the luckiest friend!!!! :)

Natalie said...

Your words about him are so pure and loving. He sounds like your perfect fit and a wonderful man. You are a lucky girl! Absolutely loved this post.

Gigi said...

ash what an amazing love story...seriously, this would make such an amazing book for your kids...i can see it now w/ the sweet pictures & flashes of dr pepper 12 pack cardboards

enjoy your man...he sounds quite special...as are you, my girl :)

Lynne said...

i think he's a pretty lucky guy, himself.
just puttin' that out there.

Pound said...

awww, you guys...!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

ashley, your skin is gorgeous! what was that stuff you use? can you email me?


shawnna said...

WOW -- what a beautiful post --

tanya_williams said...

True...there will never be another SEAN...the cloning experiment didn't go as planned. My SEAN still has a few bugs in it! :)

I'm so very happy that you have him in your life.

vivian said...

what an amazing love to
have in your life.
on the top
of my

gabbyfek said...

that just makes my throat catch.
love it, ash.
love that love.

Anonymous said...

Okay. This is the single greatest blog entry I have ever read.

Charin said...

This is so beautiful :) Aww!
Love is such a wonderful thing :)

Genevieve said...

holy shit dude.
i love it. i'm happy.
thank you.

adrienen said...

YOU two are the cutest things to walk this planet!!! but shhhh don't tell bruiser I said it lol