I'm outtie.

Man its been hard.
The days, weeks, and months flew by.
But it was NOT a piece of cake.
Its hard when you don't have emotional support, and people don't understand.
They don't understand WHY you are moving...they think YOU think you are better because you want more.
I refuse to let life pass me by.
I would rather sit on the porch when I'm 95 and regret what i DID do rather than what i DIDN't do.
I'm scared.
I'm excited.
I'm nervous.
I might be so broke that we eat Ramen noodles with chopsticks.
I have wanted this for so very long. I went into the military at 17 to get away...I never thought I would return, but after being overseas it felt like the wise thing to do. So here I am over three years later...leaving.
We have big goals and big dreams...and we are following them.
If I have my fantastic four by my side I will be just fine.
So bright and early in the morning I will be leaving Arkansas...and off to Knoxville, TN.
I will be offline for awhile, but when I return I will be back and better than ever.
*deep breath*
Wish Me Luck.


32 people took the time to say:

jenjock1 said...

how exciting.
HUGE hgs friend.

staceyfike said...


Courtney DeLaura said...

oh I am counting the HOURS till I get to hug the Wren Family!
I am so so so LUCKY!!!


Jessica F said...

All of my good thoughts are with you guys! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i know you've wanted this for a long time. it makes me so happy to see it happen. HIGH FIVE!!! drive safe!

KB said...

so proud.

Je said...

I love the feeling of moving, being able to start fresh, seeing new things, changing routines... It all makes me so happy that I don't mind all the trouble that is moving.
Enjoy :)
And good luck! Hope all goes well!

erika said...

wishing you so much luck...
i can't wait to hear. xxxe

gloria said...

be safe
be well
be happy.

Anonymous said...

You will be just fine! Love you...!!


Natalie said...

Good luck! So happy for you. Love your adventurous spirit.

sarah said...

oh ash!
I'm so excited for you...
and I think it's amazing that you are following your dream. It's awesome.
have fun! be safe!

chaos_chic said...

Good Luck - and Yay to change!!

michelle raMirez said...

loads of luck and change is a good thing!!
and hello???
you are Court are gonna be neighbors...watch out Knoxville!

Sarah said...

Knoxville is gorgeous.

courtneybenedix@comcast.net said...

I wish you the best of luck, am 100% sure that you and the fam will be great, Knoxville is awesome!

Good Luck!

tanya_williams said...

I miss you and "your" Sean and my kiddies already. I know you are happy and that's why I'm happy, too. I love you and want the WORLD for you:)

Augusti_73 said...

The BEST of luck!

shawnna said...

Change can be VERY EXCITING
Wishing the very best for you all and sending up smooth move prayers as well :D

kerry lynn said...

do not regret.
do not!!
many happy things await family wren!!

Jody said...

Wishing you the very best. I mean beyond what you already have in your amazing friends, family and those dreams of yours and Sean's. Your hearts are so big...I don't think you can fail in this new venture. I love that you are taking on the world...may your wishes come to be your new reality!!

Crystal said...

Good luck chasing your dream and with the move! :)

gabbyfek said...

be safe.
happy, good thoughts to you all.

Gigi said...

take life by the horns sweets :)

love you & am thinkin' 'bout you & your precious ones :)


Caroline said...

best of luck!!

Breanne Crawford said...

lots of love.

and hugs.

and luck.

you can do it. and it will be awesome! :)

micayla said...

Good luck girlie, I hope it all works out for you!

kerry lynn said...

happy birthday girl!!!
love yous
& miss yous!

vivian said...

take care girl. sending you some travel vibes!

Anonymous said...

I want an update!!! love you.

sarah said...

are you all settling in okay?
I've been dying to hear how it all went my dear. hoping you and the fam are well in your new place!


Christy said...

Oooh, so exciting! I know you've been wanting this for a while and it makes my heart so happy that your dream is finally coming true. Wishing you the best of luck girlie... and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Big, big hugs!