Feeling Happy. Feeling Content. Feeling Grateful.

Guess who's back?
Back Again.
Guess who's back.
Guess who's back.

sorry I just thought everyone needed a daily dose of Slim Shady.

Heck yes I'm back!
After 32 days without the internet I'm back.
I must admit it was a nice break. Got to escape that feeling of "I need to be doing something on the internet" feeling.

I am officially in Knoxville.

I love it.

I love that we took a huge risk, and it was successful.

I love the attitude here.

I love that I got to take my children to a Hot Air Balloon festival.

I love that everyone is so freaking friendly. Knoxville has southern hospitality...Southern Arkansas...eh not so much.

I love that we are in the exact area that we wanted to be in.
In an itty, bitty, teeny, tiny duplex mind you...but where we wanted to be.

I love that the beautiful Courtney DeLaura is now my constant companion. Someone who when arriving to Knoxville at 10pm after driving 14 hours had left apples, bread, milk, cheerios, oreos, turkey, apple juice, grapes, carrots, lettuce, bowls, spoons, sunchips, toilet paper and newspapers. And even fresh flowers at the door with a welcome mat.

I cried.

Not only because toilet paper is essential and I hadn't thought to buy any for the night...but that all this stress of living with your inlaws, and of finding a home from so far away, and of leaving your friends of family it all seemed so perfect and so right when I saw those thoughtful things.
It gave me such a feeling of peace. It was like a forecast of all the good things to come.
Thanks Court for everything. For even finding the "Dupe".

I love Julian's school. To know that he is going to totally be able to thrive and grow, and his creativity be nurtured.

I love our sweet little 77 year old neighbors who have both never even meat a day in their lives.

I love that my kids are in bed by 8pm everynight, and in their own beds. Why didn't anyone tell me that was essential for adult conversation, movie watching, and snuggling with your husband?

I love that there is always going to be something to do here.
I love that The Office is on tonight.

I'm just really really happy. :o)
This is what I have wanted to for so very long. It feels amazing to be able to cross that dream off of the "to do" list.


I started to read blogs, and catch up (which I need to do) and I just want to pubicly say that the fact that this sweet girl is now pregnant and will be a momma brought me to tears. Like rolling down my face tears. I am extremely, extremely happy for you G.

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kim brimhall said...

You have been missed, as I am sure you know. I enjoyed reading this so much! It's genuine. And its so amazing that you are humble enough to show how grateful you are. hugs!

sarah said...

I am so very happy to read this update...and so very happy that you all are happy in your new home!

and court...
my, my...it had ME in tears just reading about the kind gesture she gave your family. what a great gal!


Jessica F said...

Yesssss!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you!

I'm so happy that you are getting settled and loving your new home. That welcome gesture from Court was beyond sweet. I've been in that position and nothing is better!

Welcome back to the blog! xo

jenjock1 said...

Hooray! She's back!
So happy that YOU'RE happy!

staceyfike said...

yay!! now we're "neighbors"!!!

erika said...


Jamie said...

DUDE. Could Court BE any nicer?!!? What a SWEETHEART!
I'm so glad you're back and settled and HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Missed you tons and so glad you guys are happy in Knoxville. Sorry things didn't work out for Indy so we could hang out, but so relieved that you are settled in and comfortable. Good to hear that Court is taking care of you. With Addyson coming early, I didn't get as much time as I wanted to devote to you, and I am so sorry. She's home now and doing well. Read her updates at www.caringbridge.org/visit/addysonwroblewski.
Luv, Ryann

tanya_williams said...

I'm proud of you for making this dream of yours come true. I miss you TONS, but I know this is what was meant to be. When you're happy, I'm happier:) Love you!

kokopuffs said...

congrats Ashley!! you made it, you're living a dream and you're happy. what more can you ask for??

Missy said...

hooray for settling in!!
so happy you made it safe :)

Sarah said...

Halleluiah! I'm so happy for you. Something tells me this is only the beginning of great things for you! (don't ask me what is telling me that, but something is!)

Courtney DeLaura said...

I am the one who is BLESSED and content and happy and full of joy! I am so happy that you my friend live in knoxville!!!

yup the TP a must have LOL


pakosta said...

I am so happy for yoU!!!!!
missed your blog!
can't wait to see more photos!

Pound said...

i'm so glad you love it there. i've missed you!
and that was so sweet of court. i can't even imagine how you felt. <3

kerry lynn said...

welcome home ashers!!