In honor of Rainbow Sushi...

make this CUTE and healthy snack for yourself or the kiddos.
You could totally make all kinds of variations.
And don't forget to peek at Overlooked tomorrow! I want you all to get in from the very beginning.
love and rainbow sushi,

5 people took the time to say:

krystyn said...

Looking forward to tomorrow!! Can't wait to get started.

Maria said...

okay that's too cute!
looking forward to tomorrow :-)

Michelle said...

oh.my.gosh. That is the cutest snack ever =)

tanya_williams said...

Nothing less than expected...love the 1st subject...can't wait to work on the rest of it!

kim brimhall said...

I just had to get this out...thanks for your sweet words on my overlooked picture. I needed it today. bad. bad. day. but you made me smile. only you could have jolted my interest in scrapbooking again.

funny thing about my handwriting though...i remember i used to write in all caps and when you were dating Aaron, you wrote my name in my bible...lowercase and i loved it...so you taught me to write it that way...and here we are (you giving me compliments on my handwriting) I love it! and I seriously love you!

and p.s.- you're right...I would have been your best friend in a heartbeat!