go on

If I didn't shave my legs,
or make my bed up every morning,
and photoshop my pictures,
or wear eyeliner,
or buy expensive laundry detergent,
or wash my apple off before i ate it,
or logged onto my computer every morning,
or missed a day at the gym,
or returned my movies a week late,
or ate ice cream for breakfast,
or didn't use the coupons that i had spent time on cutting,
or didn't finish that book I started and got half way through,
if i didn't pretend to always be interested,
the world would go on right?
i thought so...
im slowly but surely letting all the guilt go...


10 people took the time to say:

amytangerine said...

i am totally feeling this same strange feeling. just do what you need to do sweets! you are loved! and i am loving your play list.

erika said...

ooh, i SO miss you too. xe

Heather R said...

way too much guilt in this world.
it's a great idea to let it go.
i'm gonna try to do the same.

Linda said...

Love this post. Such a great take on it.

steph said...

Great post.
I gave myself a talking to on Sunday...I don't HAVE to vacuum the stairs every week. But if I don't I have anxiety about it. There are so many things I need to get over.

kim brimhall said...

well said friend...well said.

michelle raMirez said...

the world will go on.
I am totally workin' out the guilty feeling all the time thing too.
I swear its hard to retrain yourself huh?

elizabeth said...

thank you for this.

however, the whole coupon thing would be hard for me to get over...lol.

Cassandra said...

Great poem! I have to agree with Steph's comment above...if I don't vacuum every week will the dirt build and build and then eat me alive?

jayne said...

Amen....welcome to my way of thinking.