because aren't they the ones who matter most?

Posted by PicasaGo play hopscotch with your kids,
or let them help you with dinner,
get off the computer a bit more,
blow bubbles for them while they are in the bathtub,
wrap their curls around your finger,
read them that story again tonight at bedtime when they ask,
squeeze those little hands,
let them sleep in your bed every now and then,
let them have some candy at the checkout line sometimes,
put a note and some stickers in their lunchbox,
sit down at the table and draw with them,
tickle them until they can no longer take it,
remember what it was like to be that age - and try to understand that sometimes what they are upset about really IS a big deal,
laugh at their jokes that aren't that funny,
send them something in the mail so they have something when you check the box,
buy them a disposable camera (so they can be like you)
keep quarters in your purse so they can get something from the gumball machine,
take them to the ice cream shop and share a banana split with them,
play Candyland,
turn the music up and jump on the bed and sing into a hairbrush with them,
never, ever miss the chance to say i love you.
(even if they roll their eyes because you've already said it 72x)
i was talking to myself. sometimes i lose sight of 3 out of the 4 most important people on the planet.

13 people took the time to say:

pakosta said...

i just love your insight. and thankfully i can say i have done every single thing on that list countless times!! what a great list!! i must make one of my own>!

ania said...

Totally loved the idea about stickers in the lunchbox. Consisder it SO adopted! Otherwise - so well said!! :)

jill said...

I totally agree. I only have one and already it's so easy to forget the little things that make the best memories, especially when I start multi-tasking and trying to get everything done and hurrying. Lia has to pick every dandelion she sees...and there's a lot around here. Great list. :)

Christy said...

Now this is a super list my friend... you are such a fab mama and I SO love that about you. ;)

Stephanie said...

When I'm a mom, I want to be like you.

erika said...

this is beautiful.
i love you and am emailing you now. xxe

Monkie Moo said...

monkie moo... i love your words... so much.... they make my <3 smile... and your amazing... lovely... and everything that is soulful and beautiful. i miss you. badly. xoxo

kristy.lynn said...

loving your list. (then again.. i love ALL your lists!) :)

MandyKay said...

damn, you're good!

allison said...

not a mama yet,
but totally wanting to be like you when i am.

Kim said...

Wonderful list Ashley.... I want to borrow it for journaling for a layout... crediting you of course!
Your insight is inspiring as always.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

sometimes my boys get fed up with my hugs and ::gasp:: kisses, but i tell them that's in my mommy job description. and that it will never stop. :D

emily said...

i really like this post.
it's good to hear these things :)
thanks aw!