lucky #7

Journal Entry dated August 1st, 2006

I don't know how I got the amazing husband that I got - but I am so grateful that I did.
Throughout everything he has been beautiful.
From all of my fears, to all of my insecurities and worries he always has the right things to say or do.
Compliments and positivity POUR out of this man.
In the hospital he never left my side.
Not during all of the routine checks to see how dialated i was, not for the epidural...never.
Well...he left one time because I requested candy!
He painted my toenails the night before and helped me clean the house.
(And he did a way better job than myself on my toes)
I always thing to myself "Wow...I could never love him more than I do at this very second"...but he always seems to prove me wrong.
He is my best friend.
We are an amazing team.
I am so very glad that this 4 day old little girl of ours will have a father who will constantly celebrate her worth.
She will get to see how a woman deserves to be treated by the way that he treats me.
She will look for a man like her father and not settle for anything less.
Sean has done the dishes, dressed the boys, bathed them...cooked dinner - alleviated an immense amout of stress from me.
I do not take him for granted,
I thank God every single day for him and what we have.

That was almost 2 years ago...and things have only gotten better. I know its cheesey, and a little nauseating, but its true. With all the things in this world that I have to worry about...my relationship with my husband is not on that list.

happy 7th anniversary...to the man I get to go through this crazy thing called life with.

4 people took the time to say:

tanya_williams said...

Happiest 7th to you guys!
The 2 of you have always been my "prototype":) Love you both.

Misty said...

Happy Anniversary! My 8th anniversary was Tuesday the 6th and I have one of those special kind of guys too. It's so awesome to be in that kind of rock-solid relationship. I'm definetely sharing the happy with you!

erika said...

this i love. xxe

***Welcome said...

ok so yeah you just brought cheesy tears to my eyes..i love seeing people so in love..i myself-am sooooo lucky to have found the man of my dreams...He's everything i've dreamt of...i never was interested in marriage til now...and so i wait..::sighs::