How lucky am I? (Both scrapwise and lovewise)

to get goodies in the mail from The Dozens?

Will post what I created when Dana does on the website.
this kit made me BEYOND happy. and it was 100% an honor and privilege to be asked to be a part of it.
Thanks Dana!
Also, you know when you are experiencing a moment and its so beautiful and its so perfect you want it like SEARED into your memory and heart forever?
Like before you die - when your life flashes before you and you see things/moments...I had one of those last night. It involved my fantastic four, Bob Marley on the iPod, a bonfire, marshmallows and laughter. It was a beautiful moment for me. One of those moments when all is right with the world.
to all my fellow veterans, and their families- cheers to you (us) and Happy Memorial Day!!!

6 people took the time to say:

Anonymous said...

well aren't you a lucky girl. can't wait to see the goodies you make with the cool stuff. i love it when those moments happen that are "seared" into memory. have you ever witnessed it happening to someone else? it's kinda spooky.

Anonymous said...

what oh what is The Dozens? I want those owl things!

kim brimhall said...

Oh lucky girl indeed:)
i can NOT wait to see your stuff...
im sure it will be perfect as usual.

love your "ah ha" moment:)

love, me

dana said...

It has been my pleasure. Ten-Q, Tank-U, Tink ewe.

Aimee said...

hey girl. my hubby is sending off the kits from paperminx to steph this morning so she's going to bring it to you :) so excited, thanks again!

Tracy: said...

Hello, love the goodies! I love you playlist too! I come here sometimes, just to listen to your list ; ) great taste in music! So, until I update my list... I love yours!