Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale. Sean adores beer. He genuinely loves the taste - and always tries something new. This is whats in the fridge @ the moment.
Cinnamon Crunch Toast as Sandler says. This is the cereal of choice...complete with a monkey spoon.
The neighbor gave Sandler some coloring books today. Like really nice hardback coloring books. Sandler LOVES Tom & Jerry (me too) and he calls The Flintstones "Cocoa Pebbles". We all sat outside on the patio tonight and colored while Sean grilled. I get a little competitive whilst coloring. (yes even with a 7, 4, and 2 year old)
DUDE?! Time to fill up AGAIN? Its so freaking expensive ($3.59) Sheesh.
Homemade Swing = The best thing to happen to our backyard. Like Ever. (Well since the turtle sandbox) Our neighbor made this for our boys - and they have spent COUNTLESS minutes on it. Pure, 100%, free, good fun.
October means all things Pumpkin. Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Creamer. Pumpkin Candles. Pumpkin Carving. Pumpkin Creamer is a happy thing.
Lots of one on one time with this boy today. And that is nice. Really nice. He makes me laugh. He says crazy things. He calls me a coconut head. He can identify different herbs by their scent. He is rough and rambunctious. He has little rice teeth - and bright blue eyes. He is always in flip flops. He loves Sesame Street and his new mouthwash.
My Gym Bag. Contents include: People, SELF, & US magazines. iPod and headphones, Dasani Water, Gym Class Schedule, and my wallet made by THE Sarah Bowen.

*Random List for today:
Sean starting a full time job at the post office. Lots of time together now. Lots.
Biggest Loser Families on Tivo with morning coffee while kids snoozed.
Hobby Lobby w/Bing (on the hunt for Pokemon wrapping paper)
Bing saying: "Push me the highest in the world".
Grilled Chicken w/diced tomatoes and basil w/grilled squash.
Picture day for Jude.
Scrapbooking for a change!
Six Feet under once the kids are tucked in bed.
Diced Cantaloupe for breakfast.
Jon Stewart making me laugh.
Bill Maher ON Jon Stewart's show making me laugh harder.
Need to shave legs.
Marley Jane is in pullups! and pigtails!
Sandler anxiously awaiting the Son of the Mask from Blockbuster Online.
One year today since I started my weight loss journey.
(51 lbs total - this is a whole other post)

3 people took the time to say:

jill said...

I'm so happy you're doing the week in the life thing. I love these little peeks into your life. grilled squash sounds really good.

sarahb said...

you are so cute....

jenjock1 said...

dude...bill maher on jon stewart was the funniest thing ever. love your post.