I must admit I didn't do that well documenting the progress of the day...I took photos and notes...but my photos don't really reflect my day.

I'm not gonna beat myself up about it - I am just going to learn from it, and realize that I'm doing a pretty good job with this committment.

When I type this stuff out, sometimes it feels lame - I'm like "Who would want to read this?" and then I think about the fact that I *love* peeking into other people's lives..their tidbits ARE fun...so maybe just maybe somebody finds mine interesting.

But in the end that doesn't even matter does it? Its for me. Its my life. Its for when I'm gone.

The hooks that are pretty much the "catch all" for everything. Seen here is my gymbag, Bing's zip-up hoodie, an umbrella ella ella, the infamous cheetah bag that I've had for 10 years and has been on every road trip I've taken, and a new jacket in the Belk bag that I get to wear whenever the weather says I can. On any given day you can find Sean's cap, or Marley Jane's pink cardigan, Julian's backpack, the carkeys....

Um...no explanation here. Its 9:03 am.

The back of the front door. This is another art gallery in the Wren Household. The leapfrog alphabet magnets, the cheapie plastic alpha magnets, Jude's test that he gets 100% on, coloring pages, drawings mailed to us from our nephew, random photos, sometimes "don't forget" post its, pages colored from the gym's kidcare

Super Mario World on the Wii. Me & Bing. Waiting on Daddy to come home from work so that I could help in Julian's classroom. (this was immediately before I had the breakdown that Sean had to work an extra 2 hours - and wasn't going to be home until 1, when I was supposed to be at the school at 1130. Which completely sent me into this "I am a woman who honors her committments and doesn't let her child down" frenzy.

Sign in Jude's classroom. Shouldn't we all have a sign like this in our homes?

Grading papers. This was my ultimate childhood dream. I would have my stuffed animals sitting in chairs with boxes turned upside down for their desks. I would make copies of my own schoolwork for them @ my dad's office, fill them out, and then grade them with a red pen - and use stickers. And look at me would ya? Living my dream by grading papers in Jude's class.

I know I have a cool kid. A good kid. A polite kid. An artistic kid. A beautiful kid. A thoughtful kid. I KNOW. Believe me I do. But I don't realize the magnitude until I see him in a class - with others. The way he interacts with them, the way he helps. Its like all the hard work, the tears, the joy - it all is worth it when you see it being used. When I was grading the above papers - she gave me an example of a child with a 100%. All four stacks had Julian's paper on top to use as the example. She didn't do that on purpose, she didn't find his from the stacks - and put it on top...it was an awesome feeling for me as a mom. It was.

So...I explained to him how proud I was of him - and we took a surprise trip to Target - and he got a toy and a bag of mixed Jelly Bellies.

Lunch w/Jude and then volunteering in his classroom. Marley Jane walking (being carried) to the bus-stop with me all warm in her fleece jammies and wrapped in a quilt.

Project Runway with my morning coffee. (During commercials - I did something productive - i.e, laundry, dishes, tidy up)

Excited about Kimmie Brimmie's upcoming online class. (this blog needs to be pimped)

Sean is getting his TN drivers license. We have been here for 11 months - and he still hadn't got it (shame shame) but voting is a HUGE incentive. *update - no drivers license but yes to a much needed haircut.
Wedding Ring will not fit - and hasn't for months.
Vice Presidential debate tonight.........JUICY. Can't Wait!
Outback Steakhouse for dinner
The boys first "Bakugan" balls...let a new obsession begin.
Watched the Debates.
New "Premium" M&M's in Mint Chocolate are the devil.
Should have played a drinking game for everytime Sarah Palin said Maverick. I would have been wasted.
Marley and her lipgloss.
Son of the Mask finally arrived from Blockbuster online.
Texting with Samantha is always entertaining.
*Promise to do better tomorrow with documenting through pictures.

2 people took the time to say:

Sandy said...

hey...as for ""Who would want to read this?"...well, like, me for instance. i like to read your blog b/c i too like to peek, plus you're being very dilligent about your blogging, unlike myself. i can't beleive you even need to take kim b's class - your blog looks awesome...i was just thinking about how i can jack your look. :-P

Heather said...

hey there ashley!
i just wanted to say (because everyone needs to know that they inspire others)
i just wanted to say that you inspire me to be a better mom, a funner mom, a play with my kids and make cookies run to the store for a treat mom. i'm good at lots of parts of being a mom, but, the funner part, the playful part - i'm working on.

Heather R