what REALLY matters.

When I sit down and really think about what I want from life,
the people that I want to surround me,
the business that I envision running,
the travels,
the house I want to own,
the things I want to experience,
how rich and full I want my days to be,
the peace I crave...

When I sit down and think about our new president,
my interest in spirituality,
all the questions that I want to search to find the answers to,
the friendships I want to nourish,
the photos I want to take,
the things that I hope to write,
the walls that I will paint,
the people I will meet.

When I stop and think about the flowers I will grow,
the changes I will see in our world,
the situations I could make better,
the books I will read,
the ideas that will come to me,
and the conversations that I will have.

It makes all the petty, ridiculous, ugliness seem so miniscule and humorous.
I really, really want to focus on what matters.
I'm trying extremely hard to be the human being that I want to be.
Kind, Compassionate, Creative.
I want to be a better mother, a more attentive mother.
I want to be a sweeter wife - never takes a night of listening to my husband's heart beating in his chest for granted.
I want to be a kinder friend - that is a listener and less of a talker.
Daily decisions.
Daily choices.
I get to decide how I will act and react to anything thrown my way.

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jen renee said...

beautiful awesomeness. if i read this every day, i'd be better for it.

Denise said...

I really appreciate this post. Thinking some similar things myself these days and you just said it so well. thanks chica!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing. I am going to print this out to remind myself.

tara pollard pakosta said...

the older i get the more truly this resonates with me. you should print that up!! put it in the binder ha ha. love ya friend. you are so inspiring!!

Amber Nichole said...

i feel you.
all the time.
xo a

Amber Nichole said...
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sarahb said...

I am right there with you....RIGHT THERE!!!

asksmommy said...

Oh Ashley, I LOVE your words! Thank you so much for lifting my spirtit and help focus today and letting me see what what I need to see and be happy and hopeful about the person I am and choose to be! LOVE!!!

Sarah said...

Great post! I've been more aware and conscientious of taking things for granted lately..it's amazing what we overlook in the daily- blessings and opportunities abound!

AlexM said...

So wonderful post Ashley! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm on the same way...trying to focus on what really matters. It's not easy though and i'm glad i can find support in your words and work.

That Girl said...

I could write a novel but I won't. It is all summed up in one word. Love. From the moment I heard your story (one of the many you told, but I'm certain you know which I'm talking about), I wanted more. I didn't want to be you (because, that's kinda stalkerish *smile*) but I wanted to be more. To be deeper. To be truer. To be more than just this random girl who scrapped random things and sheltered so much. You...just like Courtney and Sarah, changed my life in 2 short days. You've made so much of a difference in almost one complete strangers life and I will NEVER forget that. Please don't be a stranger...everything has starts and endings.

Casey said...

A beautiful truth, well written. Thank you for sharing.