Octopi - Friend or Foe?

Smoothie Update:

This green smoothie didn't call for spinach. It was a combination of kiwi, celery, and bananas.

Result: It was just ok. It didn't knock my socks off. I drank the whole thing - but I would have definitely rather had a plate of sliced celery, chopped bananas and kiwi slices than sucking it through a straw.

But the good news is - that with a new found commitment and dedication to the gym - i lost 6 pounds this week. Sah-weet.

I would like to publicly declare grilled pineapple as my new favorite treat.
I got to guest design over @ the The Design Experiment. I am completely and totally rusty when it comes to scrapbooking. EEK. Must fix that asap, I love it too much to not give it any attention. But I appreciate the Design X girls wanting me to rock their challenge.

Tonight is such a cool cool night for me. Jude and I have a date to see Magic Tree House the Musical tonight in downtown Knoxville. After the musical, he will get to meet his most favorite author Mary Pope Osbourne of the Magic Tree House series. Its very refreshing to get to do this with him, just the two of us. And after the musical - its off for pancakes. This date is WAY overdue.

This article from Simple Mom really really came at a good time for me. If you are a SAHM and haven't already read it, I suggest that you do. I was extremely comforted in knowing I'm not alone in my feelings of drowning that sometimes sweep over me.

This morning Sandler woke up @ 4am because he didn't feel well - so I walked him back to his room and while we snuggled and I scratched his back he asked the following questions (Of which I did my very best to answer)

1. What are some ways that people can get fired? And why do that call it fired?

2. Are you allowed to shoot sharks?

3. Are octopuses mean or friendly?

I better go get in the shower and get ready for my hot date - and I must admit that I'm pretty stoked about the season premiere of Yo Gabba Gabba on Friday with Jack Black.

xo - aw.

PS. - Remind me to tell you about keeling over laughing when my usually "informed" mother called me Friday and very innocently asked me "Hey Ash, have you ever heard of the movie Twilight?"...I will tell the whole story but just know she has it bad. reallly bad for Mr. Cullen. "Join the club of millions Mom. Join the club of millions."

4 people took the time to say:

holly said...

oh ashley,

this was just the fun inspiration i needed this morning! thank you for sharing and writing and blogging and scrapping...i love your style and wit. enjoy your day - as always, i'll be back for a peek soon. you are definitely a fav!

jessica nole said...

last night i visited simplemom. thank you so much!!! i printed out some pages to make a home organizer. i went to bed earlier, go tup earlier, already worked out and drank some water and my house is picked up!
i feel like a million bucks-
starting fresh feels so good.
i don't know about that shake, ash- maybe just save yourself the trouble of having to clean the blender and going with slicing next time is good idea! lol

Denise said...

Have a great date Ashley!

Denise said...

Oh, Jack Black. That was a surprise. Although once he twirled around and had a sweat stain on his back, LOL. Seems like he was having a great time. Loved him dressed as DJ Lance!