Little Cubed Cheeses

The sun has given me more freckles on my shoulders - so it was bizarre that while on the phone with Sarah she said it was too cold to go outside.
Cranberry added to your diet sprite @ Sonic is yummers.
Circuit training at the gym today seriously almost ended my life.
So that's why the instructor has that body.
New Black Eyed Peas song added to my playlist made me happy.
Roasted Chicken for din-din.
Book of the month in the bookclub is Water for Elephants.
American Idol tonight - its time to go Anoop.
I love those little cubed cheeses.
Can Marley-Jane KEEP her clothes on for crying out loud. Even Littlest Pet Shop undies will do.
Must borrow library book on Dehydrators - and all the crazy cool things you can do with it.
Ordered the Point & Paint. I'm not normally a sucker for infomercials - but with all the painting on the agenda...I'm gonna give it a try. Anxiously awaiting 7 Pounds to come in the mail via Blockbuster Online.
Vintage Me. (1982) With my very young and beautiful red headed mother.
Who didn't raise me - her mother did...but has grown to be one of my most favorite people.
Can someone tell me why we are "reading" a coloring book? I can't for the life of me figure it out.
There are no crayons in site.

peace. love. and cranberry sprites.


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Sandy said...

water for elephants is amazing - you'll love it!! and it thinks it super-cute that marley jane is a nudist - little gals are so dang cute with their little bum bums running around! (-: (

*kim* said...

Did everyone on earth have that same pattern of furniture!?
That point & paint sucked me in tonight but I resisted, unlike Turbo Jam last year.

jenjock1 said...

water for elephants is seriously like the best book ever. you will love it.

pakosta said...

that's your mom?! she looks about 12 sheesh!!!
love that pic!!!!!

Denise said...

Hubs just started taking Cardio Boot Camp at the gym (he plays tennis 8. days. a. week); he nearly threw up first time out. Instructor said yeah, that happens to most people. Especially guys (cos they try to be Tough).

Anonymous said...


gleestormont said...

Maybe she was making up a story for you out of the coloring book pictures. you are both so cute.