Crunching, Digging, Volunteering, Loving

Volunteering @ the school...will continue this until Julian no longer thinks I'm insanely cool.
I'm loving grinding up coffee beans in the morning, for a nice fresh cup of coffee.
Absolutely digging my kitchen's bright yellow walls.
Crunching on an apple as I type this.
Proud new owner of an iPhone.
I'm not a materialistic person...but I love that thing.
I would have been just fine without it had I not bought the iTouch.
But the iTouch just turned out to be a big iPhone tease.
Loving the new FroYo shop in my neighborhood called Menchies.
Sean is way more adventurous than I...
I stuck to Mint Yogurt with little tiny chocolate chips...he added everything but the kitchen sink.
Its such a cool concept...and you pay by weight.
Just rented Season One of Arrested Development. It seems like my kind of humor...plus I have a mini crush on Michael Cera.
He could say apple pie and its just the way he says it...that I dig.
Started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred today.
Its extremely difficult for me to work out at home and not the gym. Two Reasons. #1 Marley Jane. #2 Sandler.
So I let them work out with me today and as Sandler and I are breaking a sweat he says: "Mom, can Jillian see us?" to which I replied "I sure the heck hope not son"...I still went to the gym and got some cardio in.
Mother's Day brought me being soooo lazy and staying in jammies all day, French toast in bed, canvases painted by the wee ones, items to re-do the bathroom, lots of snuggles, lots of reruns of Bridezillas, and all the laundry washed and put away.
Played vetinarain with Sandler today.
We performed a route canal on a T-Rex, treated a puppy for a belly-ache, and bandaged up a teddy bear.
*Note to self: Play longer tomorrow.
I wish I had a subscription to People Magazine.

Later Alligators,

8 people took the time to say:

jen renee said...

i love arrested development. a lot. that is all.

abbiejsmith said...

Pay by weight, thats brilliant!! I will look for a shop like that in my neck of the woods!

Stephanie said...

I also have a crush on MC. Don't feel guilty, I'm pretty sure he's at least 18.

I like this post. And I like you.

Thinkie said...

My great grandparents always grinded their own coffee, they had an electric grinder hanging on a doorpost in their kitchen, it was fun to sit in the kitchen and see, hear and smell my great grandmother grind the coffee.
We have bright yellow walls in our toilet, to go with the rubber ducky collection in there (wouldn't fit in our bathroom which is smaller than the one we had before). Our kitchen has two bright blue doors.
We have the coolest ice cream shop in our mall (which is like a few minutes walk from our appartment). I guess FroYo shops are better when counting calories!
We already have a vet for our bunny. Last time we brought her in to get her shots he played peek-a-boo with her ears... ;-)

Tracy said...

My niece has all the AD seasons on DVD and I borrowed them - you will enjoy the show (and probably wish it was still on the air as I do)! Jealous of your iPhone (didn't we both have the LG Rumor?) I've been saving up for an iTouch, but friends keep suggesting that I should hold out for the iPhone.

Rhi said...

AD is the best of the best.
it is a crime that it was ever cancelled.

(hi <3)

pakosta said...

I love People magazine! I go to barnes & noble to read it...
Ava loves to play vet! we write down all the patients names and ailments in a tablet and I am the pet owner, while she is the vet. she has so much fun! I should ask her to play it with me soon. enjoy it now because the last time I asked to play dolls my girls said NO!!!!
I have the 30 day shred and it's so hard I can barely do it!!
I am back on track this week though with going to the gym and eating pretty good too! Hopefully I can get this last 20 off! keep sharing your journey ash, cause it really helps me!

elizabeth said...

arrested development is the bee's knees!