Order a Pizza so you can make this Mini.

This was a mini tutorial that I put together a while back for SIStv that I was saving for a rainy day. I came across it this morning, and thought I would share. (at least I don't think it was ever used...I could be wrong, my memory sucks unless its a celebrity baby name)

Pizza Box = Crazy, Messy, Funky, Cool Mini Album.

Cardboard is the coolest.
One of the most versatile products.
And all around us.
It doesn’t matter what it was originally – with some paint slathered on it can be anything you want it to be.

Supplies Needed:
Pizza Box/SIS box that all your goodies come in
A Few Embellishments
A Jump Ring

Using a pizza box and just a FEW supplies I made this rocking little mini.

I used all the photos I had of random sugary things. (jelly belly display, cupcakes, bubblegum)

I started by taking the top of the pizza box. I didn’t figure the grease, wilted bell pepper, and crusty cheese worked well with what I was going for. So I simply ripped the top part away from the bottom part. *smile*

Next, I folded the box into three sections. I was very tough on the creases – so that it would tear it easily. *Note if you wanted to make an album that would accommodate larger photos you could tear the box in half…as opposed to three sections you could do just two. Actually it could be as big or small as you wanted it to be.

After I creased the box I tore it into the original three sections – and then also tore the three sections into three sections creating a total of 9 pieces.

I then painted my 9 pieces in various colors. Since my album was candy/sugar themed I went with bright and funky colors to go along with the mood of the album. Don’t be scared to get messy.

When my paint dried it was time to add the photos, embellishments and journaling. (you know…the FUN stuff!)

So after I added all the goodies – I hole punched the top left hand corner. Ok – if I’m being completely honest here I hole punched both the left and right sides in the middle only to discover that the jump ring wasn’t big enough for the bulk and the pages wouldn’t turn. So the beauty that is the article is that you can learn from my mistake and only punch the top left side.

Voila – an amazing, unique creation made from something that would have gone in the trash or to the recycling center.

Variation- The Scrap In Style Box that all of your scrap love comes in – is both big enough and clean enough to make THREE separate minis. Using the top, bottom, and the sides you will create three different albums. Talk about efficient.
This was super fun to make and is a formula you can use as many times as you wanted with different paint colors, different theme etc.
*note...it was inspired completely and totally by one of my favoritest scrappers Amber Skolnick.

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Stephanie said...

I wanna be like you when I grow up. Looking forward to next month ;)

tanya_williams said...

Wow...Sean HATES taking out the trash, so he'll love this tip! hahaha....less trash for him to haul now:)

pakosta said...

very COOL!!!
hope all is well!

Pound said...

i hate the huge pizza boxes! wtg reusing it!!! awesome as usual...

erika said...

you = awesome.
love it.
and your blog.
it makes me happy.

Denise said...

oh this makes me happy
like glitter, bubbles
and blue toenail polish.

jill said...

I was thinking last night that I desperately need to break out the scrapbook stuff. It's been too long. This totally inspires me.