Let Me Help You With Dinner. (BBQ TurkeyLoaf Muffins)

1 2/3 to 1 3/4 pounds ground sirloin ( I used 1lb.ground turkey)

1 medium onion

2 ribs celery from the heart of the stalk

1 green bell pepper

1 egg with a splash of milk

1 cup plain bread crumbs (I had Italian on hand, so that's what I used)

2 tablespoons grill seasoning (recommended: Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick - this can be found in that section of the grocery store with all those packets of seasonings and marinades)

1 cup smoky barbecue sauce

1/2 cup tomato salsa

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

Vegetable oil or extra-virgin olive oil


Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
Put ground beef into a big bowl.

Chop Onion, Celery and Bell Pepper up very finely or put into a food processor.

Then add the veggies to the meat bowl.

Add egg, beaten with milk, bread crumbs and grill seasoning to the bowl.

Next, mix together the smoky barbecue sauce, the salsa and the Worcestershire sauce.

Pour half the sauce mixture into the bowl with the meatloaf mix.

Mix the meatloaf together with your hands.

After washing up, brush a 12-muffin tin (1/2-cup each) with vegetable oil or extra-virgin olive oil.

Use an ice cream scoop to help you fill meat into a each tin.

Top each meat loaf with a spoonful of extra sauce.

Bake about 20 minutes.

I am constantly trying new recipes...Most are ones that are OK, but not out of this world. Every now and then I stumble upon one that is a keeper and that I will forever use. THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

I love that its a little muffin shaped portion - which helps me not to eat more than I should.

I added up all the ingredients and divided it by the serving size for a Weight Watchers total...its 4.5 for anyone that is doing WW.

This recipe would go AMAZINGLY with some mashed potatoes...but since I'm trying to be a good girl I served mine with a small baked potato.

And the next day...I cut one in half and had a cold turkey-loaf sandwich. (YUM)

I'm sharing this because you will thank me. I'm no cook...but when I find a gem that is a recipe...I want you to know.



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pakosta said...

I need to make these YUMMY! I saw tara from biggest loser make mini muffin meatloaves with her mom! so fuN! my girls would love them!
I made a KILLEr salad last night:
salad greens, broccoli strips (come in a bag like coleslaw), red pepper strips, carrots chopped, cucumber, black beans rinsed and drained, corn drained, salsa, pecans toasted w/ cayenne pepper, cottage cheese. then had a grilled chicken breast sliced on top (marinated in soy vey YUMMY) it was so delicious I am making it again tonight except I am having one taco on the side or throwing taco meat on top! DELICIOUS!
i am like you where i constantly try new recipes LOVE THAT! i will throw some good ones your way. I need to do recipe cards for *e* anyway, so I will do some for yoU!

erika said...

YAY for recipe cards for e ;)
this sounds yummmmmy.
I want it now.

Would you really come see little ol'me?!?!
I am soooo excited. :)
(can you come tomorrow?)

Stephanie said...

thanks! LOVE that you figured out the points...I do that too! Everything on your blog inspires me.


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to try these out. We have gone 100% turkey at the Wheeler house, so this will fit right in. And the Montreal steak seasoning was half off at the grocery.

Happy long weekend, friend.

Steph said...

Just discovered your blog this afternoon... and glad I did!
That recipe looks yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

danilouwho said...

Yum yum yum. I'll have to change it a bit to make it gluten free but it's totally doable. I cannot wait to try this... I need something new!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I love trying out new recipes, too, so thanks! my husband is a huge meatloaf fan...although muffin size he'd prob eat like 8...My mom does WW and would love this recipe.
Love all your stuff on Sis and on your blog, I'll be stopping by again!