I have neglected the ole' blogarooski.
There has been lots going on.
Lots of new artwork.
Lots of Lego building.
Lots of book reading.
Lots of wet bathing suits hanging in the bathroom.
Lots of fresh fruit stickers added to the side of the fridge.
Lots of parties & homemade cupcakes baked by the hubs.
Lots of fresh oranges.
Lots of fresh asparagus.
A whole lot of living.

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8 people took the time to say:

Jeans said...

Ashley wren i have missed your blogging. :) (not to mention you at SIS.) :(

leslie said...

ahh may so many good things to do and eat

kerry*lynne said...

she wore an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini...:o)

p.s...is that a pic of jim from the office on the bookcase...?

Steph said...

Your hubby bakes cupcakes? Wow! I wish my bf did :)
Looks like you've been doing lots of great and fun things while being busy!

tanya_williams said...

I've been checking in...seeing if anyone was home here. Makes me miss you more when I finally see pics, but makes me happy at the same time:) Love you Wrens!

pakosta said...

love the pics! but missed the ol blog aroo!

Denise said...

a whole lot of living is good.

Tamara Nicole said...

fun pics!