Twittering Bananas.

I'm here.
We've had an extremely rough time this week with my middle. (Sandler AKA Bing)

I pride myself in being able to say that my kids never, ever go to the Dr. Sandler is almost 5 and has been twice. (Both for a simple cold)

But this last week tested me. Broke me down. Made me humble. After a series of x-rays, blood tests, urine tests, and more it seems that it might be an ulcer...but also its possible that its something more mild. I twittered the whole day at the Children's Hospital...just because I wanted to remember.
I will spare you all the details, but to all of you that have shown concern - I appreciate it. From all these miles away, thank you for sending me little tweets & emails.
Bing is doing beautifully now. I am one very grateful & happy momma.
He is back to driving me bananas. :)
Other than that...We have been...

going to amusement parks,
running in a boosterthon fundraiser,
filling the sandbox up with new sand for the summer,
licking mixing spoons,
riding new scooters,
walking the neighbors pugs,
using new toothbrushes,
a freshly painted kitchen (yellow),
newly painted (turquoise) metal shelves from the thrift store to go in the freshly painted yellow kitchen,
finishing Water for Elephants today, (must discuss w/book club now)
twittering, (and for those that think its lame - anytime that i can unload a piece of my mind, my day, a snippet I want to remember...i think its pretty cool. its not so much about sharing for me as it is documenting. and thats what I'm all about)
really yearning for scrapbooking,
searching for a new shower curtain,
firing up the grill at least 4x a week,
preparing to celebrate 8 years of marriage on Saturday.
Just living.
I've got a headful of things I want to do, change, see, become...
I got to take it one day at a time.


8 people took the time to say:

MandieGirl said...

Glad he's driving you crazy again! :) Would love to see photos on that snazzy camera of yours of your newly painted kitchy-koo!

Thinkie said...

I hope Sandler will be healthy soon!

Jeans said...

And going to pump it up to see me!!!!

danielle thompson said...

just wanted to say how much you inspired me tonight.. it's been so long since i've dropped by here (a long time since i've dropped by any blogs.. ugh!). But you look fantastic.. just had to say that. ;-) and i love the way you write and your thoughts about things... you're amazing. :-)

danielle thompson

pakosta said...

glad he is okay!
it's so scary when the kiddos don't feel well...
don't beat yourself up! life gets in the way! go scrapbook some memories!!! i need/want to! talk sooN!

Vanessa said...

you said it brilliantly about twitter. lots of love!

tanya_williams said...

Glad Bingster is doing better. Can't stand seeing my kid sick, so I feel for ya! Love you guys!

Traci Keriazakos said...

AW! I am sorry things have been rough. It is soo very hard to deal with doc's & test when it is your child. Glad he is doing good!