A 24 hour bug knocked me on my boo-tay Saturday afternoon and really screwed up my Sunday. (thank goodness it was a Saturday night and a Sunday and that Sean is off - otherwise it would have been really bad for everyone)

But I'm back for the most part and its amazing that what that bug did in two days is what going to the gym and eating healthy for two weeks will do.

The house is quiet and since I get up @ 4am during the school year - I have been up for awhile and have accomplished plenty. (and without one cup of coffee yet mind you!) Two loads of laundry, tidied up the den, hung up bulletin board w/calendar, school menu, dance class schedule, and gym class schedule, had Hell's Kitchen playing whilst doing all this, got Jude in the shower, made his breakfast, packed his lunch, went over spelling words with him, got him to the bus, sketched a layout that needs to be made, and started this blog entry.

Just sitting here reflecting on some things that I want to accomplish. Some are new goals others have been on my radar for awhile. I have plenty more but these are the ones I'm going to give my energy and attention to.

1. Start a Book Club
All women. A few of my closest friends. They can all invite a friend. Take turns selecting a book. Sean's homemade cake. Coffee. Laughs. Discussion. (Maybe Wine) Different points of view. Every 6-8 weeks.

2. Sell some classes on Etsy.
Why hadn't I thought of this sooner?
Get some of those ideas out of my head.

3. Get book(s) published
This is the granddaddy of them all. The one that I will have to live and breathe for a long time and quite possibly get rejected a few times.

4. Hover around the weight XXX.
Let's just finish this thing already - ok Ashley?

5. Join and be an active voice in the PTA.
I think I have some new and fresh ideas. Julian and Sandler's school is amazing. I mean above and beyond. So grateful that we moved to Knoxville, by fate got a house in a great neighborhood (thanks Courtney) and were zoned for the school we were zoned for.
As great as a school that it is, I still think there are some things that could be better.
The school yearbook for one.
Can we stop cutting pictures into ovals? And using that font with the dots on the ends of the letters?

In random news:
Julian is getting to that age (almost 9) where he locks the door while he showers, his clothes don't fit on kid hangers anymore and his friends are calling him for his help with their homework. He also said that girls are gross for at least another year.

Sean was disappointed with the way his pound cake turned out yesterday but was thoroughly pleased with the Shipyard Pumpkin Ale he had.
Marley Jane got stung by a bee yesterday on the finger, wore three coats of three different lip glosses, ate two bananas, watched the The Grinch That Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version of course) she calls it "Mon-Srinch" all while wearing only My Little Pony panties.
Sandler has this adorable crooked smile, plays with power rangers in bed with a flashlight, is stoked about Kindergarten, is incredibly fond of his Mommy (he loves her infinity), helps dad cook, watches the Hannah Montana movie on repeat, and has the squishiest little bottom belly roll.
And me, well...I look forward to True Blood on Sunday nights like 98.6% of the population, I like sleeping with the fan on, I freaking love Zumba class at the gym, my favorite iPhone app is Simplify Media (if you have it we should share!), and I'm kinda craving some banana pudding.

10 people took the time to say:

mandiegirl said...

Just a few days ago, I posted on my blog that I was going to do one thing a month that I'm scared of- this month is submitting an essay to a magazine. I am ready to start living and think that I need to set goals, too. :) Good luck!

erinrwillis said...

I'm inviting myself to your book club....And have been thinking about tea at Borders w/you..... And so glad to hear your kids are doing OK. Miss you!

Melonie said...

I am all over those Etsy classes! Glad you had a good summer.
P.S. Down 22 lbs since Jan. WOOT!

pakosta said...

I can't wait to see what book you do, what type of book do you want to work on?! a dream of mine was to write a childrens' book>
that's awesome you have a great schooL! and yes, I hear you about the yearbook thing! I think they just plug the whole thing into a template of sorts, but come on, get with it!!! LOL!!!!
and the weight thing, I HEAR YOU> here I am since the year of 2000 trying to lose the same 20-30lbs! UGH!>. I gained 10 back over summer! I am determined to get this through and change my habits by the time I turn 40! (I turn 39 in october! ). talk soON!

staceyfike said...

my g'ma makes the bestest homemade naner puddin in the world. ever.

i want to be part of your book club. virtually. or virally or whetever it is called when we hang out online and drink wine together.

(p.s. did you ever finish extremely loud and incredibly close? did you love it?)

we should do the phone thing. i miss your voice.

Leslie Miller said...

#2 & 3 are my favorites!
you can do it!!

erika said...

you know I read your blog all the time right?
I do.
I can't wait for October now.
And I wish I could join your bookclub. xxxe
ps. Paula Deen's nana pudding is DElish.

Shell said...

i so would love to be in your book club, too bad i don't live closer. :(

gleestormont said...

my son started middle school this year. my GF talked me into being the PTSA VP, so far so good, lot of time @ his school and really feel like i know what's happening there. go for it!

amy lapi said...

yes to book club please!