No seriously...I can explain...

Since my last post...

Sandler turned 5,
Marley turned 3,
Sandler was enrolled in kindegarten complete with shots & a physical,
the water park has been visited 3x,
visited my baby sister in the ATL and met her wonderful boyfriend,
we moved into a beautiful new comfy home,
lots of movies have been rented,
lots of pancakes flipped,
road trips have been taken,
toenails and fingernails painted,
numerous coloring pages colored,
multiplication flash cards reviewed,
Magic Tree House books read,
new ballet shoes danced in,
Sandcastles built and destroyed,
picnics planned,
sleepovers had,
fresh fruit sliced,
countless balloon animals created,
SISiversary attendance,
$ spent on icecream truck,
lots of swimming and some nice tans as a result,
fireworks popped,
library books checked out,
a bee sting,
lots of grilling,
bubbles & sidewalk chalk usage,
many miles put on the scooters and bicycles,
lots of mindless tv - bridezillas & real housewives,
chocolate milk, juicy juice, and iced tea,
boxed wine,
walks taken,
baby pinecones and wildflowers collected,
coffee brewed & sipped,
new music downloaded and ran to,
school supplies purchased and labeled,
Nintendo DS time limit abused,
lots of late nights,
texts sent,
old friendships rekindled,
and lots of living.

I'm sure everyone understands right?

12 people took the time to say:

erinrwillis said...

I always love your journaling.

mandiegirl said...

Sounds fun. :)

Vanessa said...

life happens! thats why we have twitter and facebook!

amy lapi said...

i know i do :)

Stephanie said...

that sounds fabulous.

Shell said...

wow, busy summer eh?
loads of fun!

metrochic said...

rekindling is fun. plus, summer is madness! i'm torn because it's nearly over.

pakosta said...

totally 100% understand!
Most almost everything has happened in my house too! except my girls are older so it's much easier to get alone time. I say that, yet it seems they are always right over my shoulder reading every word I type and usually booting me off the puter LOL!
Glad to see you are living! now print this off and make it a scrappy page and you will have accomplished alot! maybe with a ton of index prints of all the stuff you took photos of this summer! call it summer revisited!
big huge ol hugs!

Denise said...

sounds like heaven.

tanya_williams said...

Understandable...but I still miss the updates:) Gotta have my childWren fix.

gleestormont said...

hey girl, i was too busy doing the same stuff to even read your blog! just checked back in today since june and had to laugh and laugh!!!

sarahb said...

I wish we could have done like 10 things from that list together...SOON, we have to hang soon! I am so excited you are in a new house I know you wanted that. Your kids are growing SO fast...