It feels good to be challenged, it feels good to make something, it feels good to peel stickers and stick them.
I made this for Point Blank Period a new challenge blog started by the one and only
Double S.
Scrapbooking has a chunk of my heart that can ONLY be filled by scrapbooking. Writing in my journal and using masking tape to adhere little snippets of my life holds a chunk of my heart also, but its just not the same. So it felt nice to make this page.
I have a huge box of Bento supplies on my way from the beautiful California from a very thoughtful friend. She totally scored and I can't wait to make the cutest lunches for my boys. (Sean still chuckles @ all this Bento talk and finds it hilarious that I am going to put a superhero stamp on Jude's banana, or put little shark picks through Bing's pepperoni) But hey...Its all about finding the creative in the seemingly mundane right? I mean its not only to give my kids a little bit of fun during their lunch hour and to show them I love them, but its also for me. Because I think its fun. And there is nothing wrong with that.
Happies as of lately:
My iPhone
Creating a Book Club
Sean's homemade iced coffees
Quiet time in the morning
Blockbuster Online
My husband's beard
Quality friends instead of Quantity friends
Siesta Lemon Bodywash
Painting Marley's Nails
My new house
Jude's dreads.
Sandler w/his backpack and school papers
Happy Tuesday.

8 people took the time to say:

pakosta said...

Love your layout ashley!
I am in the middle of "trying" to write a children's book or should I say, I have an awesome idea for one and keep saying I am going to start it?! LOL! I wrote down the idea and that's about it so far!
YOu have come so far, keep going, never give up! you look awesome!

jill said...

That makes me miss scrapbooking, and honestly that doesn't happen much these days. I really love your lists and the little peeks into your life, and your yellow blog. awesome.

erinrwillis said...

I haven't scrapped in a while - I want to SO bad. Love your LO. And I'd love to see you soon.

kristy.lynn said...

loving this.
missing you.
wish i was close enough to join your book club.
glad to see you post.

metrochic said...

your bento paragraph makes me happy. i want to bento now! dang you, wren.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had kids to bento for :(
They are super cute and it looks like a lot of fun to me. Your page made me want to scrap too but I just don't have the will just yet. We need to chat next week, PROMISE!!!

kim brimhall said...

Im so happy seeing you post!

Neen and Mike said...

So happy your PDPing... your pages are always rad... :) yay.