Good friends help friends start a Bento obsession/collection.
The top picture is my new Bento drawer and the bottom picture is everything my friend Lisa sent me. Bless her heart - I sent her a list complete with photos and everything. She got all of it and mailed it to me.
Incredibly grateful and humbled by her kindness. Seriously.
Julian wants to make his own lunch in the mornings...and I'm like "move over kid, this is mommy time". :)
I have alot of things going on that I'm genuinely excited about.
I will be starting college within the next few weeks. This is HUGE for me. A stay @ home mom with three kids. I have goals though - and I did go into the Air Force for a reason. I've basically been sitting on a large sum of $money$ the last 6 years.
"Your mom goes to college". (Napoleon Dynamite)
Julian & Marley have started dance class. This will be a stretch for us financially - I'm not going to lie. Its not cheap. HOWEVER, they have both shown interest and expressed a desire to do it. So that's my job as a mom, to nurture their passions and talents.
I will be offering the Love Myself in 2009 class via another blog in the upcoming weeks. I need a recommitment to weight loss - and I put alot of time and effort into that class.
When I stepped away from SIStv to refocus my priorities it literally broke my heart to step away from the networking and the camaraderie that I had with all of the women that took the class. It is my desire to rekindle that fire - and finish 2009 with the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Lots more details to come on this.
Just know that if you took it, you will be available to rejoin - and if you missed it you will be able to purchase it at a killer price.
I better end this entry - I have a little ballerina in a black leotard, black tights, black tutu, pink ballet flats and a messy little bun that awaits her very first lesson.
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7 people took the time to say:

mandiegirl said...

Sweet! I DO need to rejoin! Yippee! Love your little photos, and I've been seriously thinking about going back to school in January to 'get goin' with my life. ;) Love 'hearing' from you!

marsha. said...

O, cool! I'd love to join 'Love yourself'.


PS> Are you still reading 'She's come undone'? It's one of my favorites!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

can you make my lunch too? :D kisses to the said ballerina..

erika said...

you = the best.

tara pollard pakosta said...

I am on the way go being dedicated to finish what I started too. I want to join just to keep up with yOU!!! I have been seriously thinking of going back to school too for the last 3 years I have been thinking about it. I should just go sign up and be done with it! savannah wants to take dance again, she loved hip hop!

little me. said...

I love your blog!! It's beautiful and wonderful.

Thinkie said...

good luck with college!