Fall In Love.

What I wouldn't give to be this aware, awake, present, and creative @ 16 years old.
I adore this girl - she inspires me and never ceases to amaze me with her creativity.
When she asked me to make some samples for her upcoming class "Fall in Love" how could I resist? I mean fall AND Kara Haupt? I am madly in love with both.
Here Is a sneak of what I did with her fun prompts - and
HERE is where you can find out more info about this super fun class.

3 people took the time to say:

heyjenrenee said...

gorgeous! and yes, Kara is a genius. no doubt.

Christina Padilla said...

that looks good.

love your pictures
they def tell a story.

xobellaaimox said...

i check bloglines and there are NINE new aw posts!!?

how exciting.

i love what you did for kara. i just actually had HER make something for ME and a little kit that i just did. (does that even make sense?)